Social-Emotional Counseling

At AISV, we firmly believe that nurturing and providing a supportive environment is essential for both academic success and personal growth. The safety and well-being of every student always take center stage in our priorities. Our comprehensive school counseling program places a strong emphasis on students' emotional, social, academic, and career development. As global citizens, we strive to help all students realize their personal potential, pursue their passions, and positively impact our ever-changing and interconnected world.

At AISV, our commitment is to empower all learners to succeed and reach their personal potential through personalized learning experiences. We believe in the significance of inclusive education, which aims to eliminate barriers and increase access and engagement in learning for all students.

To ensure every student can access the curriculum, we offer a range of student support services that encompass differentiated instruction and assessment. Classroom teachers are primarily responsible for providing active learning opportunities and understanding each student's individual needs. Inclusive Educators work closely with teachers to deliver differentiated instruction, provide classroom and assessment accommodations, modify the curriculum as necessary, and help students make progress toward their learning goals.

Our IE program empowers students and caters to their specific needs. We provide the necessary resources and strategies for academic progress, including differentiated instruction, classroom and assessment accommodations, and a modified curriculum. Our inclusive educators collaborate with teachers to ensure appropriate support is provided both within and, if needed, outside the mainstream classroom. Additional services, such as testing recommendations, curricular modifications, pull-out sessions in individual or small group settings, collaborative planning/co-teaching with specialists, and the development of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) or Individual Education Plans (IEPs), are offered to address individual needs and document goals, accommodations, and strategies.

In addressing English language proficiency, our EAL department is dedicated to meeting the needs of students at all levels. We employ a blended service delivery model that combines specialized instruction in English language acquisition in sheltered classes with scaffolded in-class content instruction. Qualified and experienced EAL teachers provide instruction and support based on student's grade level, proficiency level, and scheduling needs, ensuring comprehensive language support integrated into regular classroom activities.

Additionally, our Social-Emotional Counseling services offer short-term counseling support for students in need and counseling for parents and teachers regarding student well-being at school. If further assistance is required, we collaborate with external specialists and centers to provide comprehensive support for students.

We firmly believe that inclusive education is vital for promoting social equity and fostering a diverse and respectful society. By offering a comprehensive support system, our goal is to empower students, provide equal access to the curriculum, and ensure their progress toward their learning goals.