Mission Vision & Values


AISV connects people and ideas through meaningful relationships within the school, our greater community, and the world. Even though we are growing, AISV strives to be the small school with a big heart. We make connections with people in school, in Vilnius, Lithuania and in our regional and global communities. We do this in daily interactions, co-and extracurricular activities and sports competitions. We also make connections with knowledge, values,  ideas, and beliefs in and outside of our classes. 

AISV inspires through a learning environment and educational programs where individuals are given choice to nurture their curiosity and extend their interests. At AISV, learning is about feeling comfortable and supported so that students have the opportunity to explore new ideas, discover their passions and meet their personal potential. 

AISV empowers community members to cultivate their strengths, advocate for themselves, and pursue their passions to make a positive difference in the world around them. We expect that our students are active learners, who participate enthusiastically, take responsibility, accept challenges and demonstrate perseverance.


As global citizens, we are prepared to realize our personal potential, pursue our passions, and positively impact our ever-changing and interconnected world.


Empathy - Open-mindedness - Curiosity - Accountability - Perseverance

Empathy: It's the ability or willingness to understand another person's thoughts, emotions and/or feelings in a situation from their point of view, rather than your own.

Open-Mindedness:  AISV educates world citizens, embraces international staff and students, uses the IB learner profile to guide all learners, offers and supports the learning of many languages, and commits to being environmentally responsible.

Curiosity: To use imagination and creativity to enquire, explore and reflect.

Accountability: Responsibility for the impact our actions have on ourselves and on the lives of our students, parents and colleagues. Every member of the community shares responsibility for positively contributing to the school, the community and the  environment.

Perseverance: The continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.  Members of our community seek to always keep going despite obstacles. It is one of the strengths most associated with a life of engagement.

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