Parent School Association


The AISV Parent School Association (PSA) is a non-profit volunteer organization run by AISV parents and staff.  It supports AISV through providing an active, engaging and fun social environment for students and their parents.

PSA organizes activities that:
1) Enhance AISV students' social experiences at school,
2) Strengthen the AISV community, and
3) Create ties among AISV and the local and international communities in Vilnius and across Lithuania.

To learn more about how the PSA operates, please read the PSA Guidelines.

All AISV parents are members of the Parent School Association (PSA).  PSA Board Officers are elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each school year in the spring.  Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the PSA.  The PSA allows you, as a parent, to play an important role in the greater AISV community.  PSA meetings are usually held once a month and are open to any AISV parent interested in attending.

Events and activities organized by the PSA include: Welcome-Back Coffee Morning, Back-to-School Family BBQ, Spirit Week Activities, Halloween Bake Sale, the Flea Market and Charity Donation Drive, PSA Party for Parents and Staff, Year End Picnics, and more.  PSA events are listed in the AISV Activities Calendar.

In 2013 the PSA launched the PSA Grant Program to provide additional opportunities for students to receive funds which will support their activities or events otherwise not sponsored by AISV.  The amount and value of grants provided by the PSA is based on available funds and may vary from year to year.  To apply for a PSA Grant please follow the instructions here.

To get involved with the PSA or if you have any questions please email us at