Parent School Association

What is PSA?

PSA is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who want to help our school and actively participate in its everyday life. From the moment your child enters AISV, you become part of this dynamic community, filled with uniquely skilled, imaginative people who aspire to make the school more connected and inspired, help children excel and to know success, as well as make staff and teachers feel ever more appreciated. Every parent is a member of the PSA, and together, we keep AISV strong and vibrant. 

The PSA meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month, at 8:30 a.m. and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Christie Chu

Being a member of the PSA enables parents to gain greater insight into their child’s school life and learning. It also gives parents an opportunity to work together towards improving our school community. PSA not only welcomes everyone who has an interest but is flexible with finding ways of inclusion in the initiatives, despite how tight of a schedule you have. We look forward to the energy, new ideas, and talents you bring, as there are no boundaries to what we can organize and achieve together!


As with any other association, PSA has a board that oversees the smoothness of events and divides responsibilities. Any member of the PSA may be elected as a PSA Board Officer. The PSA Board is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, AISV Administration Representative, AISV Teachers Representative, and Room Parent Coordinator. Every year, nominations for these positions are elected at regular PSA meetings immediately prior to the AGM.


PSA initiatives include:

  • Bake and popcorn sales
  • School decorating for holidays
  • Annual GALA
  • Back-to-school BBQ
  • End-of-year picnic 
  • Teacher and staff appreciation
  • Charitable donation drives
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