International Baccalaureate Programme

The IB Diploma Programme at AISV 
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme has been a cornerstone of AISV since its implementation in 2013. As Lithuania's only fully accredited U.S. IBDP school, we offer the most extensive selection of IB courses and electives in the Baltics. AISV students consistently outperform world averages in their IB subjects.

Benefits for All Students 
At AISV, all students gain from the IB Programme's rigorous curriculum. Even those not pursuing a full diploma benefit from the challenging, IB-style classes.

Engaging Events, Empowering Support
AISV strives to carry out our school mission by organizing major events throughout grades 11 and 12 in which students participate. These include: 

Connect - IB survival trip, IB week without walls, senior retreat 
Inspire - Extended Essay exhibition, Creativity, Action Service Fair, ToK (Theory of Knowledge) exhibition
Empower - Extended Essay work days, IB mock exams, Advisory program 


AISV Class of 2023 |  A Year of Excellence

  • In May 2023, a remarkable 28 out of 31 graduating students participated in IB exams, either as individual course candidates or full diploma candidates. 
  • Notably, 22 students earned the prestigious full IB Diploma, with 1 student receiving a Course Certificate.
  • AISV boasts an impressive 81% pass rate, with an outstanding average score of 31 points for graduating diploma students.

These results significantly surpass worldwide averages, showcasing the exceptional academic achievements of our students.