Summer Camp

AISV Summer Camp 2024!

Looking for an enriching and exciting Summer experience for your child? Look no further! AISV's Summer Camp is here to ignite their curiosity and spark a love for global exploration!
Engaging Activities for Every Grade Level
From captivating multicultural tales to thrilling nature exploration, our camp offers a tailored experience for every child. With storytelling sessions, vocabulary exercises, and math challenges using international currencies, we ensure a dynamic and educational journey for all.
Empowering Global Citizenship
At AISV, we believe in shaping responsible global citizens. Through research projects on global topics, interactive movement activities, and inspiring art projects, your child will develop crucial skills like communication, critical thinking, and cultural appreciation.
Join Us for a Summer of Fun and Growth!
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to learn, grow, and make memories that last a lifetime.
Sign them up for AISV Summer Camp today!

For more information, please contact Ms. Arina Tembo -
Lower School After School Activities Coordinator and the Summer Camp Director


  * 10% for the second child and 20% for the third child. 

Calling all Grade 9-10 students!
Grade 9 - Math Intensive 8:30 -10:45
Dive into algebra, geometry, and trigonometry with expert guidance for a confident start to the school year.
Grade 10 - Trigonometry Intensive 11:00 -14:30
Master trigonometric concepts and problem-solving techniques tailored for IB challenges, ensuring confidence and skills for academic success.
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