Professional Learning at AISV

One of AISV's greatest assets is our diverse and accomplished teaching staff. Representing 12 nationalities, our teachers are highly qualified, with nearly 95% having earned advanced degrees. For the most part, experienced in the U.S. and other international schools.

The ratio of teaching staff to students at AISV is 1:6 

AISV's Mission is to Connect, Inspire, and Empower all learners, including teachers. AISV is committed to the continuous growth and improvement of all staff members and allocates yearly funds to support professional learning opportunities, including learning from outside experts at school, collaborative inquiry groups within the school, courses, webinars, peer networking, and conference attendance, in 2023, AISV hosted the CEESA conference, which all teachers had the opportunity to attend.

Some of our CEESA presenters:

Robert Landau - Inquiry 2.0 
Barbara Noele - Language Acquisition
Ewan MacIntosh - Strategic Planning into Action
Fran Prolman - Collaboration
Jennifer Wong-Powell - Play Environments for Early Years Learning
Aaron Moniz - Service, Sustainability and Global Citizenship
Eric Dozier - Musical Journeys to Racial Justice
Diego Fernandez (AISV teacher) - Project-based Learning
Sonia Josa Castro (AISV teacher) - Teaching Gen Z

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