The core teaching staff at AISV is composed of certified professional teachers. Grade 1-5 main homeroom teachers as well as the upper school core subject teachers are native English speakers. A large percentage have Master's degrees from American universities. The Lithuanian teachers are graduates from outstanding Lithuanian universities. Art, music, ELL, computers, French, German, Russian, Lithuanian language and culture, and physical education are taught by qualified and devoted personnel. Here you can see all staff list with details about their qualifications, experience and their duties at AISV.


MA, Framingham University; Library Certification; Certificate - Montana State University, Bozeman; MS, Kaunas Technological University

I have earned Master's degree in Science from the Kaunas Technological University and Master's degree in Education for the Framingham State University. I have been working at AISV since 2001. I enjoy traveling. Vilnius is my home and I love it!

Diana Arya, Gr. 9-10 Math Teacher, IB Math SL Teacher,

Education: BA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University with a bachelor's degree in Educology. I've been working at AISV since 2009. I'm happy to be part of AISV. I'm passionate about traveling, skiing and ceramics/pottery. I love exploring nature and experiencing different cultures, especially through food & tastes. I was born in Vilnius. I've been living here for all my life. This city has always been pretty, cosy and full of nice surprises. 

Julija Balčiūnė,
Lower School Tech Integrator,

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I am a qualified teacher of Physical Education and Geography and the coach of handball. I have MA from Vilnius Pedagogical University and I am qualified Pre-school teacher. I had been working as a teacher with the  little kids over then 16 years  in pre-school of Vilnius. I started working at AISV as a Pre-K Learning Assistant, then for 4 years I worked and Elementary School Learning Assistant and at the same time I was working as part time AISV Librarian's Assistant for 8 years. It's my 2nd year as AISV Librarian.  I like music, traveling, sports, playing team games like handball, football. I enjoy oil painting as well. I was born in Vilnius and I think it is the most beautiful city in the world.

Rasa Barauskienė,

Education: MS, Vilnius University

I graduated from Vilnius University with BS in Applied Mathematics, then got my masters in Probability, Theory and Financial Economics. I worked for a couple of years in IT, then banking, while finally ending up in education, which seems to be the coolest path so far. My hobbies are sports and politics. Vilnius is my native cuty - it is cozy, but quite a lively little city, with amazing history, in the middle of nowhere.

Konstantinas Bogdanas,
IB HL Math Teacher / IT Coordinator,

Education: BA, Vilnius University

 I have a BA in French Philology from Vilnius University. I started working in AISV when I was in my second year of university so I started mu career here many years ago. I also work at the French Institute of Vilnius.  I like travelling, discovering new cultures, seeing new places, reading books and learning. I also like  playing and watching all kind of sports.

Gintarė Čiabaitė,
Gr. 1-12 French Teacher,

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I earned a Bachelors degree in Pre-school Education and a Master's degree in Special Education from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later, I completed a 2 year course of studies to earn my Art specialization. I worked as a Special Education teacher for about 17 years, teaching árts and ceramics as my second work option. I taught summer camps almost every summer. I completed the course on child care and adoption last year. I love reading and traveling. I enjoy being with young people, I am fond of Arts. Vilnius is simply the best.  It is calm, green and welcoming. I love people, who are not "standard." I have met plenty in Vilnius. Vilnius is also a city of low flying angels.

Leticija Cvetkova,
K-Gr. 3 Art Teacher / Special Needs Assistant

Education: MA, Stockton University, California; certificate - State of California

I started teaching English 15 years ago after earning a BA in English and a Secondary Teaching credential from University of the Pacific in California. I earned my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction in 2012. I have explored literature and the universal themes therein with students in California, Ecuador, Australia, Guatemala, Ghana and now Lithuania. I enjoy being an IB English teacher and have fun playing with ideas in Theory of Knowledge.  I appreciate time spent outdoors or with a good book or song. My young children have spent most of their lives in Vilnius. The parks, cathedrals, and rivers and forests have served as a beautiful backdrop to our family adventures. The city is a wonderful place to wander, sometimes providing a sunny view of the Neris and other times the perfect sledding hill.

Kelly Ellam,
Ext. Essay Coordinator / TOK / IB HL Teacher,

Education: BA in Applied PE and Sports-Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas, Lithuania; MA in Biology- Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas, Lithuania

I have a BA in Applied PE and Sports from the Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas, Lithuania.  I then went on to earn an MA in Biology from the Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas, Lithuania. I am a sports physiologist, fitness and flexibility expert. All my life is related with sports, dance and music. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I believe that the most important thing I can teach my students is a love for lifetime wellness. I feel it is my responsibility to teach children how to take care of the most important place they are ever going to live- inside their own body. My  biggest passion is contemporary and modern jazz dancing. The big part of my life is music and nature.

Rima Firienė,
Pre-K - Gr. 4 PE Teacher

Education: MA, Howard College of Arts

For the last eight years, I have been teaching English Language Arts and English as a Second Language to middle and high school students. My bachelor's degree is in English Literature, and I have a CELTA certification for teaching ESL. In 2017, I received MA degree in the Science of Education. Before coming to AISV, I was teaching at an International School in Istanbul, Turkey where I lived for ten years. My students have always had diverse nationalities and varying levels of English. My classroom is a place where our diversity is celebrated and each student can grow personally and academically. I have a passion for traveling and getting to know new cultures. I have really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in Vilnius and its many parks. I absolutely love how the city comes alive in the summer with markets, outdoor cafes, and hot air balloons.

Stephen Freer,
Gr. 6-9 English Teacher,

Education: MA, University of Educational Sciences

I received my Master’s degree in Lithuanian Philology (Literary Studies) from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.    Before coming to AISV, I have been working as a Lithuanian Language teacher in public schools of Lithuania for 10 years. My hobbies are interior design, books, and psychology.

Ernesta Galdikienė,
Lithuanian Mother Tongue teacher (Gr. 1-4)

Education: MEd, Framingham State College;MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I have earned my MA in French and English Philology from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later I did my Masters degree in International Education from Framingham State College. I started working as French language teacher at Financial College of Vilnius and at the French Lyceum of Vilnius. I have worked at the French Institut in Vilnius for 10 years. I started working  at AISV in 2001. I like to walk with my dogs, to invite people over to my place and cook. I love travelling and visiting friends. I also adore skiing and biking. I moved  to Vilnius from Palanga long time ago. This city was my first multicultural experience. Now it is my home:)

Jurgita Gerybienė,
Gr. 2-12 French Teacher,

Education: MA, University of Arkansas

This year will be my 8th year of teaching a combination of Science, Math, and Special Education to Middle School students. For the past 4 years, I have been the Middle School Divisional Leader and Coordinator. Before teaching, I received a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, specializing in Middle School Science and Math. I continued at U of A to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis on Middle Level Education. After earning my degrees, I taught in Arkansas public middle schools for 3 years. A yearning for new sights and experiences led me to teach overseas, first in Morocco and now here in Lithuania. On the weekends, you can find me running alongside the Neris river or swimming at the pool. I absolutely love wandering around Vilnius Old Town and going to my favorite cozy shops and restaurants where I see familiar smiles.

Lauren Heil, MS Science Teacher / MS Divisional Leader,

Education: MA, San Francisco State University; Certificate: California

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in History. In addition, I have a teaching credential in History and a certificate to teach English as a Second Language. I taught English for 1 year in Russia and Japan for two years. Before coming to Lithuania, I taught History at the American School in Morocco for 5 years. I enjoy traveling, swimming, running, fine dining, reading history, and movies. Vilnius is a nice city that is not crowded or polluted. Also, it offers a good variety of places and activities to enjoy.  So far, I have really enjoyed my time in Vilnius and look forward to spending more time in this city.

Jason Holt,
MS and Gr. 10 Social Studies Teacher,

Education: BSc, University of Western Ontario

I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario on London, Canada and my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I have taught in South Korea, China, Vietnam and Morocco. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. 

Vilnius is a very beautiful city, I feel very lucky to call it home. I am excited to be a part of the AISV community and to have the opportunity to contribute to the continuous development of the school.

Victoria Yeung,
HS Science Teacher, IB ESS and Biology Teacher,

Education: BA, Vilnius Pedagogical Univesrity

I have been working at AISV since 2006. I taught Toddlers as well as 3-7 year-olds at AISV Saturday School and AISV Summer Camp. Before joining AISV, I worked as a teacher with childrenof  ages 3-6 in a Lithuanian pre-school. I have degrees in Educology with a specialization in Pre-School Education and English Philology from Vilnius Pedagogical University. I am also a qualified Teacher of International Preschool Curriculum (IPC).  I am interested in psychology and photography. I enjoy taking photos of educational activities in my Pre-K 4 class. I also enjoy cooking and spending my free time with my family. Moreover, I love playing table games, singing, traveling and visiting parks with my family. I strongly believe that the only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do! And I have a job I LOVE best!

Inga Jaruševičienė,
PreK 4 Teacher,

Education: PhD, Vilnius Pedagogical University

My teaching career started in 1997, while I was still doing my BA at the Vilnius Pedagogical University. I have been working as a teacher for 21 years. In 2002, I graduated with an MA in Education. From 2005 to 2017 I was lecturing at the University of Education in Vilnius. In 2006 I was an intern at the University of Education in Heidelberg, with the Baden-Wurttenburg Scholarship. I studied German studies more thoroughly and conducted further research for my PhD. In 2015, I got a PhD in Social Science and Education. Since 2012, I have been working at AISV. My hobby is traveling and discovering the world. Vilnius is a perfect place to live - the city with big opportunities.

Angelė Jelagaitė,
Gr. 2-10 German,

Education: MA, Universidad de la Salle

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages (English, Spanish and French) at La Salle University. I am certified in Special Education at the University of Kentucky and have obtained my Assistive Technology certification at California State University Dominguez Hills. I worked for 6 years as an ESL teacher and 5 years as a special educator. I am an enthusiastic and passionate educator interested in meeting all student needs through different strategies. I am always promoting a positive attitude towards learning, sparking my student’s enthusiasm for learning through differentiation. When I am not teaching, I really enjoy listening to music, traveling and meeting new people. I am always intrigued by the many cultural differences around the world and trying to find what we all have in common.  Living in Vilnius has been a great opportunity for me since I have met people from all over the world in such as small city. 

Rafael Jimenez,
Special Needs Educator,
I have started working at AISV since 2007 as Toddlers Teacher`s assistant. Then I became Pre-K3 learning assistant. I really enjoy working with the smallest students of AISV. I like traveling, swimming, diving, cooking, gardening, and spending time in nature. I was born in Vilnius and have been living here all my life. Vilnius is is a beautiful and perfect city.
Rita Junevičienė,
PreK 3 Learning Assistant

Education: MA, Lithuanian Music Academy; PGCEi, Nottingham University

I have earned Master's degree from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. I have also gained teaching certificate (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham. It is my 7th year of teaching at AISV. I've been working as a learning assistant and a music teacher, also lead the Lower School choir and the AISV musical. My hobbies are growing the flowers and playing the piano. I moved to Vilnius in 2004. I am amazed how rapidly Vilnius is growing and changing. It is a modern city with the amazing historical heritage.

Jūratė Kaikarienė,
Gr. 1 and 3 Music Teacher, Gr. 3 Learning Assistant,

Education: BA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

My overall teaching experience is 28 years. I have bachelor degrees is English philology, social science and music. During my teaching career I have taught students of different levels and grades, beginning with Pre-K4 and finishing with 12 graders. The subjects that I have taught are music, Russian language, English for ELA and ELL students, and common core subjects for P-4 and K students. I have been at AISV for more than 10 years by now. My favorite hobby is traveling and learning different languages, I also like doing jewellery design, reading and cooking when I have free time. I love Lithuania and Vilnius particularly because of its beautiful nature and history. I also like Lithuanian culture, traditions and nice people living here. What concerns the AISV, I like the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, as well as to get to know their customs, traditions and culture.

Marina Kornilova,
Kinder Teacher

Education: BA, Butler University; Certificate - Indiana

I received my BS in Elementary Education from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. While in university, I also studied vocal performance with a concentration in opera, which continues to be a part of my life. Since graduating, my love of travel took me to my first teaching job, which happened to be at an international school in Turkey. Since then, I have also taught in Germany before coming to AISV. During my teaching career thus far, I have taught first, second and third grade. I enjoy traveling, singing, watching movies, reading, meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. Vilnius is a beautiful city! As the weather gets warmer, it is wonderful to see the city come alive with people at outside cafes, and many events. I also appreciate how walkable Vilnius is, with new things to find daily.

Yael Kurganoff,
Gr. 1 Teacher

Education: MA, Michigan State University

After graduating from James Madison University with a Information Systems degree, I worked in Washington, DC for United Services. I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from Michigan State and started working in schools. I’ve had the good fortune to work in some great schools around the world and I am enjoying AISV. I cannot say enough good things about Vilnius, a great walking city with something surprising around every corner. I enjoy being in the moment.

Brad Kurtz,
Director of E Learning

Education: BA Vilnius Pedagogical University, MS (Masters of Science) University of Southern California

I received a qualification for teaching secondary English from Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. For a number of years, I taught English to secondary students and adults in schools and various institutions including ISM University of Management and Economics. I earned my MS in Education from the University of Southern California (Muskie Fellow in 1998-2000). I  taught Lithuanian to US Peace Corps Volunteers and managed the educational program for US Peace Corps of Lithuania as well as have directed pre-service training programs. I also worked in the International Relations department at the Civil Protection Department of Lithuania. I have always been interested in international and intercultural matters in different contexts. This, together with my lifelong passion for working with students, brought me to AISV. My hobbies are reading, hiking or skiing in nature, cooking and travelling.

Jolita Norkūnaitė,
Acrivities Coordinator/IB DB CAS Coordinator

Education:  MEd, Framingham State Coll.; MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I have earned my MA in French and English Philology from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later I did my Masters degree in International Education from Framingham State College. I started working as French language teacher at AISV more than 15 years ago. I also worked as the Pre K teacher in French Lyceum in Vilnius for many years and then I took over the Pre-K 3 teacher's position at AISV, so the biggest part of my career is spent at AISV as Pre K 3 teacher as well as the teacher of AISV Saturday School and Summer Camps.  I am also a qualified Teacher of International Preschool Curriculum (IPC). I like travelling, reading books, watching TV series and enjoying Old Town of Vilnius and Užupis.

Renata Lazarevičiūtė – Sinkevičienė,
PreK 3 Teacher,

Education: MA, Griffith University; Certificate - Charles Darwin University

I was awarded a BA with majors in Economics and Geography, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Queensland, Australia. I also hold a Masters of Environmental Education from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. My latest qualification is a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning: Primary, from Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia. I am also a qualified Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety. I have been teaching since 1997 both in Australia and aboard. My service has included the roles of teacher, ESL curriculum advisor, and acting principal. My main interest is my family, and spending time with my children. I also enjoy traveling, learning about other people's cultures and customs. Vilnius is a great place to live and it is steeped in many layers of rich history, and Lithuania holds many wonderful places to learn about and explore.

Mark Smith,
Gr. 4 Teacher,

Education:MA, Florida State University; Certified - State of Colorado

After finishing my BA in International Studies from the University of South Florida and working for the state of Florida, I decided that teaching young children was my passion! I went back to school and finished an MS degree and certification in Early Childhood Education at Florida State University. I worked for over 25 years both at public and private schools in the US and Vilnius is my first position abroad. I have worked on and led many teams in investigating how we should teach and learn with elementary students. I believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture the natural curiosity and to inspire a continued desire to learn! Traveling, reading, cooking and enjoying the great outdoors are high on my list of favorite activities. Living in Vilnius is like living in a picture postcard - the city is beautiful, the people are kind and cultural opportunities are vast!

After finishing my BA in International Studies from the University of South Florida and working for the state of Florida, I decided that teaching young children was my passion! I went back to school and finished an MS degree and certification in Early Childhood Education at Florida State University. I worked for over 25 years both at public and private schools in the US and Vilnius is my first position abroad. I have worked on and led many teams in investigating how we should teach and learn with elementary students. I believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture the natural curiosity and to inspire a continued desire to learn! Traveling, reading, cooking and enjoying the great outdoors are high on my list of favorite activities. Living in Vilnius is like living in a picture postcard - the city is beautiful, the people are kind and cultural opportunities are vast!
Robin MacArthur,
Lower School Principal

Education: MA, International Education Administration from Endicott College; BA, University of Michigan

I graduated from the University of Michigan with BA in History and Political Science. After graduating, I moved to Seoul, South Korea, where I fell in love with both teaching and living abroad. Seoul is also where I met my wife, Kelly Mejia, the High School Divisional Leader and History teacher. I taught in Seoul for two years, and then we taught in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, for one year.  Then we were offered positions at Qingdao No. 1 International School in China. We spent 3 years teaching in Qingdao before accepting our current positions at AISV. We both recently earned Master of Education degrees in International Education Administration. My hobbies include traveling, exploring new cultures, cooking, watching movies, reading, and sports, especially soccer. I love living in Vilnius - it has plenty of green space, clean fresh air, great food, and incredibly fast internet. 

Antonio Mejia,
Gr. 3 Teacher

Education:  BA, University of Georgia; MA of Education and Administration in International Education from Endicott College; Certificate - Georgia

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies Education with an emphasis in History. I first moved abroad in 2010 to Seoul, South Korea. This is where I fell in love with teaching and living abroad. I spent two years in Seoul before I went back to teach a 4th and 5th grade Gifted Program in Jackson, Mississippi. Then my husband, Grade 3 teacher Antonio Mejia, and I were offered positions teaching at Qingdao No. 1 International School in China. We spent three years there before accepting our current positions at the AISV. We have recently earned Master's degrees in Administration in International Education. My favorite hobbies include traveling and learning about new cultures. I fell in love with Vilnius before we even moved here and once we arrived.

Kelly Mejia, IB History / Gr. 9 History / Gr. 9-10 Current Events/ HS Divisional Leader

Education: MS Curriculum and Instruction, Western Governors University

I completed my undergraduate education in Behavioral Science with a focus in Political Science at the Metropolitan State College of Denver in Colorado. When my oldest son started kindergarten, I regularly volunteered in his class and that is when I decided to become a teacher. I completed a Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education to prepare for teacher licensure. I later received a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. For my MS degree, my research and thesis focused on ways to improve mathematical learning through numeracy instruction in elementary classrooms. I have taught every grade from kindergarten through Grade 5 as a math specialist and I have served as a Grade 1, 4, and 5 classroom teacher. When I'm not teaching I like to make quilts and other crafts.  Vilnius is a great city with the perfect mix of modern and traditional - I love exploring it.

Emily Oxford,
Gr. 5 Teacher,

Education: MA, Southern New Hampshire University

I hold a Masters degree in English, earned from Southern New Hampshire University, and a BA in History from Colorado State University. I am new to teaching and living abroad, and I am enjoying the new experience! I enjoy literature, writing, and visiting historical places. I am also a musician who plays extended range guitar and electric bass. I also write and produce my own music. Vilnius is the first home I have had outside of the United States, and it is a fantastic place to be! There is a story around every turn, and I am always learning something exciting about Vilnius that inspires me.

Jerome Oxford,
EAL Assistant

Education: BA, Universitat Politecnica de Cat

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from DeMontfort University and UPC (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya). After working as an engineer for nine years I decided to obtain a teaching certification from UPC. I have worked in schools in Spain, Peru, Morocco and now Lithuania. I love working in a dynamic environment and teaching students about how to apply math and physics. I like trekking and travelling. I love Vilnius because it is peaceful, beautiful and a perfect city to rise young children.

Javier Perera,
IB Math Studies and Physics Teacher,

Education: MA, Lesley University

I earned a MBA/Diplom from Fachochschule Furtwangen, Germany, in International Business Administration. I went on to get a masters degree from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, USA, in Law and Diplomacy.  I earned a second Master's from Lesley University, USA, in Education.  I worked in the private sector in telecommunications and silicon chip industries in Cambridge, Paris, Guangzhou and Antwerpen before obtaining my teaching licenses in Special Education and Middle and High School Mathematics. I enjoy reading and bicycling. The old town is heavy with the last millennium, the years are in all corners and even fall between the cobblestones. Those years sometimes speak at sunrise on Sundays. Outside of Vilnius I see that history opens up far, so far into the future, unhindered.  When the years talk to the future, I hear the strength of Vilnius' perseverance. 

Rose Pirelli,
Gr. 6-9 Math Teacher,

Education: MA, Lithuanian Music Academy

I started working at AISV in 2001. Prior and along with that (for ten years) I worked at Lithuanian National Radio and TV Children’s Choir, leading a choir of first graders and working as an assistant to the Director. I earned a BA in Music and an MA from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in choir conducting, with an emphasis on choral pedagogy. I’ve had opportunities to live in some other big cities (NY, London), but Vilnius is my first love I cannot betray it. Big and small at the same time, busy and calm – living  here you can find anything you want. What I find so special about my hometown - it is SO green!

Vilma Plukienė,
Music Teacher,

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

"Education is the movement from darkness to light”, - said Allan Bloom. I think a teacher is like a lighthouse in the darkness. Therefore, I am glad I have an opportunity to contribute to sharing this light in international education for about 20 years while teaching in local schools, in The French School of Vilnius and at AISV. My educational background is from Vilnius Pedagogical University and Vilnius Business College.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” (Saint Augustine).  My favorite hobbies are traveling and reading books.

Ingrida Poškuvienė,
Gr. 9-12 Lithuanian Mother Tongue Teacher,
I have earned my BA in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009, and have worked in the market research and banking sector for many years prior to enrolling in an English Philology programme at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. I am now one year away from completing my BA in English Philology and pedagogy. I started in 2017 as the Learning Assistant at AISV in 1st grade, as well as a teacher at AISV Saturday School and summer camp. I enjoy reading up on psychology, tech and science news and educational developments in the world of second language aquisition. I enjoy spending time outdoors, both in Vilnius and abroad. Since my first arrival here in 2009 I have learned to love Vilnius. It's small and cold but cozy and full of charm.
Natalia Pournyn,
Gr. 5 Learning Assistant

Education: BA, M. Riomeris University

I have lived in Vilnius my whole life. I graduated with a BA in International and Intercultural Communication from Mykolo Romerio University in 2018 and prior to that completed a music diploma at "Karoliniskiu Muzikos Mokykla". I have worked with the "Robotikos Mokykla" for 5 years and have had the opportunity to work with students at AISV for several years. I am passionate about robotics and technology, especially encouraging girls to pursue technology and engineering. When I am not building robots, I like to make crafts, sew, explore new places, travel, bake, and learn new things. Vilnius is my home. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world but I always feel happiest when I'm home.

Justina Rinkūnienė,
Gr. 2 Learning Assistant,

Education: MA, Liberty University

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Anthropology and a Masters of Education with a School Counselor Specialization. I was born in Argentina but have lived a large part of my life in the USA. I have spent the last 20 years working with families and children in a variety of different positions. My history of working with children is widely diverse and has taken many forms. I was a social worker, a Special Education teacher in Middle and Elementary school and finally, a School Counselor. I am a strong believer in emphasizing Positive Behavior and believe that all students can learn, grow and contribute to their community. My goal is to provide support to students so that they can reach their highest potential. Vilnius is a city that has a small town feel. It offers a variety of cultural activities. I have truly enjoyed my time here and look forward to discovering more of the city's secrets.

Bibiana Rosas,
School Counselor,

Education: MA, University of Houston

I was born in France but spent most of my life in the US.  I have received my bachelor in Management from the University of Houston as well as a Master in Business Administration (MBA). I worked in the private sector in accounting and marketing until in 2009 when I started teaching in Houston IB Economics. In 2012, I started working as a college counselor and earned a certification from UCLA.  I love teaching and knowing that I can help young people become global and responsible citizens and plan their future. I love to travel and visit new places and go on adventures, spending time with my family, watching movies, reading a book, and learning. I am currently studying for a Master in School Counseling through an online program in the US so that takes a lot of my time and I should be done next year hopefully. I love living in Vilnius!  Walking around, I am always astonished by the beautiful architecture of Old Town and its charm. 

Claire Ruz,
College Counselor / IB Business and Economics Teacher,

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in French Literature.  I worked in the US in Houston, Nashville and Boston in independent schools as a teacher of French Literature for 14 years.  I have been an administrator in Houston, Morocco and now at AISV in Vilnius.  I strongly believe that everything we do in school must answer the simple question: "How does this support our students' learning?" We are here doing one of the most beautiful jobs in the world to ensure that our students are inquirers, internationally-minded and critical thinkers. I enjoy making music, watching tv series and movies and reading about history. My family and I love Vilnius. It is a safe, beautiful city that provides lots of things to do both outdors and indors as well as cultural events.
Stephane Ruz.,
International education has always been my passion and career. With a bachelors degree in English and secondary education, I taught English language and literature to middle and high school students in the US, Peru and Belgium. After earning a masters in School Administration and Supervision and a certificate in International School Leadership, I've served in leadership roles in schools in Guatemala, Peru, Morocco and now, Lithuania. My interest and experience are in the design and implementation of an educational program that inspires teachers and students to be active learners and committed, collaborative members of a global community. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling and reading. For balance, strength and flexibility - physical, mental and emotional-  I practice yoga. Vilnius is charming - a city with beautiful architecture and parks, interesting history and rich culture.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore all that Vilnius has to offer and this corner of the world.
Sheryl Salem.,
Deputy Director

Education: MA, Universite Libre de Bruxelles; Certificate - Spain

After completing BA in English and Spanish Literature from the University of Oxford, a Master's degree in International Politics from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, and teacher certification from the Universidad de Barcelona, I decided to combine my passions for literature, language and international cultures and perspectives by teaching literature internationally. As an IB graduate myself and an IB teacher for many years, I wanted to support the implementation and development of the program as an IB Coordinator. I am proud to dedicate my career to the three things: empowering young learners, encouraging international-mindedness and helping others develop a love for literature. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, whether it is traveling, sampling international cuisine or spending time in nature. Vilnius is one of my favorite cities in the world and I feel lucky to live here. 

Sofia Segedy,
IB Coordinator / IB English,

Education: MA, Vilnius University

I’ve been working at AISV for 4 years. As a young specialist, I’m getting immense work experience at AISV everyday. I’m supporting fourth graders in a variety of subjects including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and many more. With a bachelor’s degree in English Philology and master’s degree in Russian studies, I’m particularly strong in the fields of linguistics and second language acquisition. I support students who experience difficulties in learning and using English. I truly believe that a teacher has to create a positive atmosphere of learning and trust to ensure that every student is successful within the classroom. Traveling and music are at the top of the list of my hobbies. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Agneta Stapurevič,
Gr. 4 Learning Assistant / EAL Department Head,

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

My deep interest in reading books was the reason to study literature. After my BA in the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, I earned a MA in literary studies. Overall, I've worked as a teacher for 17 years. I started my pedagogical career in a public school teaching Lithuanian in grades 5-10 and also worked as a primary English teacher and vice-principal. My attitude is bringing to students more than just knowledge, but also teaching that empowers them to become lifelong learners. I think working at AISV is not accidental because all my pedagogical journey is marked with international diversity. I was manager and coordinator of two international projects with schools in France, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Turkey, and Italy. Books and music are my biggest passions. I also appreciate the time spent watching good films.

Irena Stefanovič,
Kinder A Learning Assitant

Education: MEd, Framingham State Coll., BA Vilnius University

I have earned my BA in English in  Vilnius University. Later I did my Masters degree in International Education from Framingham State College. I worked as an EAL teacher for some years. The biggest part of my career is spent at AISV. I like history and historic places. I like nature, especially, swimming in clean lakes and rivers. Vilnius is my love. It has everything that inspires me to live and enjoy every day. Peace and harmony is here.

Asta Šukienė,
Gr. 1-10 Lithuanian Language and Culture Teacher

Education: MA, Vilnius University

I have been part of AISV community since 2009, when I started working as a Lithuanian language teacher. I got my diploma in Lithuanian Phylology from Vilnius University and my teaching certificate from University of Educational sciences. I enjoy travelling, trekking and fine dining combination.

Irena Vaivadaitė,
Lithuanian Mother Tongue Teacher Gr.5-8

Education: MA, Vilnius Universiity

I hold a BA diploma in English Philology and an MA diploma in English Linguistics, both obtained at Vilnius University. In addition to this, I have participated in two great internships at the Eastern Finland University, and Charles University, studying anglophone cultures and literatures. Before coming to the AISV, I worked as a freelancer, and as a translator/interpreter in a financial company. I also hold an IB certificate, cat.2. My hobies are theology, linguistic research, literature, swimming, and the Czech Republic.

Natalija Židkova-Nikitina,
Gr. 6-12, Russian Language teacher