Past Events Archive

30 Jan 2024
February - Book Month at AISV
Join the fun! Get involved! But most importantly: READ!
02 Dec 2023
2nd of December at Vilnius Town Hall and Town Hall Square, 11:00 - 18:00.
20 Nov 2023
November 20th, at 18:00 at the Upper School Campus!
17 Nov 2023
Public Exhibition at Town Hall Square on November 17th, from 14:00 to 15:00!
15 Sep 2023
AISV Happy 30th Anniversary!
Happy 30th Anniversary to AISV!
01 Sep 2022
A New AISV Lower School Opened
AISV Lower School students have started a school year in a new purpose-built Lower School
25 Jun 2020
IB DP CAS Program at AISV
CAS is an important part of IB CORE and the IB in general and it is a required program in order to receive an IB Diploma as well as an AISV Diploma. Student from AISV Class of 2020 have initiated, planned and implemented a variety of different experiences that covered all three individual and integrated CAS strands.
04 Nov 2019
Grade 10 Explores Lithuanian Culture in Anykščiai
Grade 10 went on a traditional fieldtrip to a beautiful city Anykščiai to explore its rich heritage of Lithuanian literature as well as to learn about the ancient Lithuanian cuisine and history of railways.
30 Sep 2019
AISV Celebrates the European Day of Languages
AISV language teachers offered a variety of activities to students in relation to the European Day of Languages celebrated on September 26th.
28 Jun 2019
The IB DP Week Without Walls in Crete introduced students to a new culture and language, helped them to create a digital portfolio in which students reflected upon the meaning of their CAS experiences.
28 Jun 2019
Grade 10 End-of-Year Trip to Berlin
The trip to Berlin was a great time spent with friends and teachers. We learned so much by visiting many museums that were insightful and heartbreaking.
10 Apr 2019
Grade 4 on a Tour to Explore Significant Sites for Lithuania
Grade 4 students had an all-day tour of Lithuania's sites of importance to the restoration of the Lithuanian state. Students had a chance to visit Gediminas Tower, Cathedral Square, Seimas, and the TV Tower.
28 Mar 2019
Grade 6 Debates with Karaliene Morta School
Three teams debated on the topics such as "Should zoos be banned?", "Do video games cause violent behavior?", and "Why should students wear school uniforms?"
28 Mar 2019
Small St. Christopher Award to AISV Senior
AISV senior student got nominated among the 11 students from all Vilnius schools to receive a special recognition and award of Small St. Christopher on March 11th in Vilnius Town Hall.
23 Jan 2019
In January a group of Grade 9-10 & Grade 11 IB DP Art students went to explore Vienna, its art galleries and museums
13 Aug 2018
Grade 10 Explored BERLIN
On June 6-9, the 10th graders went on a history based trip to Berlin, Germany. During the second semester, the 10th grade studied WWI and WWII in their history class. Going to Berlin was a way to connect the facts to the real world and see history through a different lens.
13 Aug 2018
The IB Program aims to develop multicultural understanding in all Diploma students in order to make the world a better place. In keeping with the mission of both the IB Program and AISV, our grade 11 students had an opportunity to take part on an IB Week Without Walls trip to Lisbon, Portugal.
18 Apr 2018
The Diary of the Centenary of Lithuania in AISV
On February 16, 2018 Lithuania celebrated the centenary of the restoration of its independence. Following a slogan “Discover! Create! Celebrate!” AISV community organized a whole range of activities to commemorate the centenary.
26 Feb 2018
Shrove Tuesday Celebration
AISV had its favorite traditional Shrove Tuesday "Užgavėnės" celebration on Tuesday. It's a Lithuanian folk celebration to rejoice end of winter. Užgavėnės, a time for merry-making, is celebrated with games, dancing and songs.
26 Feb 2018
Grade 3 at Zoology Museum
On February 7th, Grade 3 students visited the Zoology Museum of Vilnius University. A representative from the museum led the students through the life cycles of different vertebrates and invertebrates.
08 Sep 2014
Middle and High School Team Building adventures
The purpose of these field trips was for students and teachers to get to know each other better, to learn about own strengths and weaknesses, check the abilities, socialize and enjoy the time together.
13 Jun 2014
On June 11th grades 1 and 2 visited Rumšiškės open air museum. It is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe
13 Mar 2014
ŠIMTADIENIS (one hundred days before the exams)
The school was filled with excitement on Wednesday, March 5th, and heads turned as the seniors tread the AISV Walk of Fame, dressed as movie stars.
28 Feb 2014
The third grade class went on a field trip to the paper recycling factory. We learned how recycled paper and wood is made into tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels.
13 Feb 2014
The 100th Day of School at AISV
The 100th day of school was active, hands-on, educational, and fun. Here are some of the different activities we did!
07 Feb 2014
AISV Book Week
Read more about a variety of fun activities for students held during the annual AISV Book Week held on January 27th -31st.
06 Dec 2013
AISV at CEESA High School Speech and Debate Tournament 2013 in St. Petersburg
We are thankful to our school and coordinators for organizing this trip as it was a great, culturally and educationally enriching journey.
26 Oct 2013
AISV RUN CLUB at their first race 10km
AISV Cross Country Team had some huge successes out on the race course on Saturday.
18 Oct 2013
Grade 10 Students Visit Anykščiai
Destination - Anykščiai, a small but charming and historically important town not too far away from Vilnius.
18 Oct 2013
Grade 5 Lithuanian MT Students Learn More about their Native Language
We played a lot of fun games such as discovering the ancient roots of Lithuanian words, learning the words we don't use anymore, getting to know the people around the world who are studying Lithuanian language, etc.
15 Oct 2013
Traditional TEAM BUILDING DAYS for Upper School
AISV has a tradition to hold a team building trip at the beginning of every year. The purpose of this trip was for students and teachers to get to know each other better and just have a great time together.
14 Oct 2013
The 5th Annual Healthy Lifestyle Week
For the fifth time in its history, AISV encouraged its students to live healthy by organizing the Healthy Lifestyle Week.
04 Oct 2013
Grade 6 Explores Kernavė
On Friday, September 27th, 6th grade went to Kernavė, the first capital of Lithuania.
13 Aug 2013
AP Exam Achievements
Congratulations to AISV graduates for their Advance Placement (AP) exam achievements!
13 Apr 2013
Grade 4 Learns about Easter Celebration Traditions at the National Museum of Lithuania
Grade 4 students went to the National Museum of Lithuania during the Lithuanian Language and Culture class to discover Easter celebration traditions.
13 Apr 2013
AISV Takes Part in CEESA Middle School Knowledge Bowl in St. Petersburg in March
Four of AISV students went to St.Petersburg for CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl. This was an exciting trip for us because it was the first time in St.Petersburg!
thumb_2013-03-01 12.39.40-65a876247ed8ac8bb8ff66f98ec0c74c.jpg
15 Mar 2013
AISV – first time in CEESA Swimming 2013 Competition!
The swim meet is the largest athletic event sponsored by CEESA, with 10 international schools being represented and over 200 swimmers. This was our first ever swim event!
11 Jan 2013
The Overnight Hunger Games at AISV
I can’t describe the feeling that overcame me that evening.
11 Jan 2013
St.Martin's day at AISV
On the 21st of November, students who study German at AISV performed a modern play based on the story of St. Martin. The play meant to show the meaning of sharing.
19 Dec 2012
Grade 1 Presented the Musical “Life Cycles”
This fall, in science class, Grade 1 learned all about plants and animals. To share what we learned, we performed the musical Life Cycles.
18 Dec 2012
A Christmas Cinderella
AISV Upper School Presented a Traditional Holiday Concert
14 Dec 2012
Amber – Gold of Lithuania
AISV Takes Part in Integrated project ,,Gintaras – Lietuvos auksas” in Turgeliai Secondary School
14 Dec 2012
“The Little Bell That Could Not Ring”
AISV Lower School Presented a Traditional Holiday Concert
14 Dec 2012
Making the Traditional Lithuanian “Hanging Gardens”
On December 11th we had a special visitor who came to AISV. Her name is Marija Liugienė who is an ethnologist from the Ethnology Center. She specializes in straw decorations and symbols.
07 Dec 2012
Friendly Floorball Tournament
The best part at least for me was that we represented our school and showed that even though we are small we are strong!
07 Dec 2012
Thanksgiving Activities at AISV
Turkey Hunt Activity and Thanksgiving Dance Evening for Grades 1-4
30 Nov 2012
AISV hosted CEESA High School Speech and Debate
This year, for the first time, AISV hosted the CEESA High School Speech and Debate Tournament. Over 40 students attended the event, all coming from six of Europe’s international schools
30 Nov 2012
Middle School explores Kaunas
While at The Devils’ Museum, 5-6 viewed a stunning collection of devil figurines, paintings, and china
16 Nov 2012
Grade 2 Library Class Role Play
Grade 2 students in a role-play of the book The Scarecrow Who Didn’t Scare by Neil Griffiths in the library class
05 Nov 2012
Grades 10 and 11 Visit Anykščiai
Grade 10th and 11th Lithuanian class students left for Anykščiai - the setting that affects the pieces of work of many famous Lithuanian writers from the Anykščiai region.
19 Oct 2012
Grade 7 Visits the Amber Museum
Grade 7 students visited the Amber Museum and found out many interesting facts about amber.
19 Oct 2012
Upper School Trip to Former Capitals of Lithuania
On Friday, 12th of October, the high school non-native Lithuanians language speakers took an exciting trip to the previous Lithuanian capitals.
28 Sep 2012
Grade's 6 trip to Kernavė
The Friday of September 21st the 6th grade took a trip to Kernavė, the first capital of Lithuania. They explored the archaeological museum and observed very old artifacts from the Iron Age and Neolithic age. The students raced up and down the steep hills.
21 Sep 2012
ARIANA Represents AISV in the Seimas of RL
ARIANA MITRA Represents AISV at the Anniversary of Indo-Lithuanian Diplomatic Relation in the Seimas of RL
21 Sep 2012
Outing Tip to Belmontas
AISV Outing Club member shares his impressions on the first trip the club had this year.
19 Jul 2012
The Second AISV Graduation Ceremony
Congratulations to AISV graduates of 2012 - Patricija Krušinskaitė and Yelyzaveta Kravchuk!
thumb_P1000930 - Copy 2-450214168e804c61464e8264d36eb722.jpg
08 Jun 2012
The Curious Physics Show
This week the Second Grade went to The Curious Physics Show. It was a very fun field trip of science.
18 May 2012
Kindergarten Assembly: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
On Friday, May 11th, the kindergarten class showcased their presentation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar based off of the book written and illustrated by Eric Carle. The story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classroom favorite and we had a lot of fun bringing the story to life, complete with songs, chants, and kindergarten originally-made props and scenery modeled after Eric Carle's illustrations.
18 May 2012
AISV Annual Science Fair 2012
On Thursday, May 10, AISV held the annual science fair for upper school classes. Each student, with some working in groups, did a project about something they thought was interesting. Students were judged and graded on their projects, essays, and poster boards, as well as the presentations they gave. Classes were assigned a classroom where students could set up their projects and present them to the judges.
thumb_Spring dance 2 - copy-c633cd5bcaaae5c7f0c1a230f4b510f5.jpg
11 May 2012
In the Dance World of AISV
If you ask any lower school student at AISV if they want to have another dance evening this school year, they will burst with many “yes” and happy smiles on their faces! It seemed to be one the most popular after-school activities for lower school students.
thumb_Our Juniors 2-e95d0fde18db8a4f2e637225146aeb66.jpg
11 May 2012
The AISV junior and senior teams both won the first places for basketball, and second places for volleyball, alongside with many other awards.
thumb_531 - Copy-30c0b06de15bc0fe665cccbc741ecb56.jpg
03 May 2012
This was the first multilingual tournament organised in Lithuania that had gathered students of Grades 9-11 from all over Lithuania (Vilnius, Avižieniai, Trakai, Kaunas, Jonava, Klaipėda, Utena, Anykščiai, Telšiai, Druskininkai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Šeduva, Pasvalys and Šilalė) speaking no less than two non-native (foreign) languages and forming teams from 33 secondary schools or gymnasiums
27 Apr 2012
Grades 4-5 Explore an Open-Air Ethnographical Museum in Rumšiškės
Grades 4 and 5 went to Rumšiškės. The goal of the trip was to learn about Lithuanian ethnological life.
27 Apr 2012
Grade 2 Field Trip to the Energy Museum
There were lots of games we could play after the lady gave us a tour. For example, there was a friendship machine, a scale where you could see your weight on the moon, Mars and Jupiter, and the basketball thing where you have to put glasses on and throw the ball. Everybody in the second grade loved this trip because it was the funniest trip ever!
06 Apr 2012
Lithuanian National Museum Trip: Grade 7 Explores the Middle Ages
That was probably the most fun part of our tour, examining and trying on medieval armor and holding weapons from that time.
30 Mar 2012
AISV Grades 6-8 French students take part at the International Day of Francophonie
Half a billion of Francophones around the world celebrate the French language, their common bond, and their diversity on this day, and this event has been going on for 14 years.
16 Mar 2012
AISV Places Second in CEESA HS Boys Basketball Tournament!
AISV Boys Basketball Team IRON WOLVES won THE SECOND PLACE in CEESA HS Boys Basketball Tournament in Latvia on March 8-10, 2012
16 Mar 2012
A Friendly Floorball Game Against P.Vileišis Progymnasium students
A Tremendous Success at AISV and P. Vileišis Progymnasium FRIENDLY FLOORBALL Game!
16 Mar 2012
Grade 1 Musical “Rumpus in the Rainforest”
Grade 1 performed the musical “Rumpus in the Rainforest”. It was about a frog who wanted to see the sky.
02 Mar 2012
Second Grade Goes to the Seimas
On Thursday, February 23, 2012, the second grade class of AISV went to the Lithuanian Parliament. In Lithuanian it is called the Seimas. Mr. Mazuronis is a member of the Parliament and he was our tour guide.
01 Mar 2012
2nd International Student Film festival
On February 24th 2012 AISV organized the 2nd International Film festival.
09 Feb 2012
AISV - 3rd place winners of CEESA MATHCOUNTS Competition!
AISV hosted the CEESA Middle School MATHCOUNTS on 2-5 February, 2012. Forty students from international schools of Helsinki, Latvia, Kiev, Krakow, Belgrade and Vilnius formed 11 teams for this international math competition.
20 Jan 2012
AISV Holiday Charity Week
AISV has a long history of charitable traditions before the holiday season.
20 Jan 2012
A Group of Grade 5-6 Students from Santara Secondary School Visits AISV
On January 12 , the fifth grade students got a chance to meet with other students from the school called Santara, a Russian school.
20 Jan 2012
Outing Club: X-Planet Experience
X-rock is not the only thing you can do in X-planet, there is a bunch of other activities like X-Trail, where you have to walk on logs of trees and try not to fall
16 Dec 2011
At about 4:30pm it got dark and more slippery, but we still kept on driving and adrenaline was going through us because everybody got better scores.
16 Dec 2011
Dance Tournament for Grades 3-5
Dance evenings at our school have become very popular among Lower School students. After each evening, students continue asking about the next dance party.
16 Dec 2011
Pre-K 4 Explore the Places Around the School
The fieldtrip was related to our exploring theme “Places to Go/Transportation”. My idea was to show the children the streets, vehicles, traffic and buildings that surround us.
16 Dec 2011
AISV Takes Part in the First CEESA Middle School Robotics Tournament in Budapest
Not only did AISV win the championship, but won the coveted 'Best Performing Robot Award' which indicates how resourceful our students are - they created a streamlined robot, using the minimum amount of extra parts to complete numerous missions
16 Dec 2011
AISV Students, Parents and Teachers “Lend Their Voices” for Recording Characters for a New Coursebook
AISV Students, Parents and Teachers “Lend Their Voices” for Recording Characters for a New Coursebook “Vaivorykštė” (The Rainbow) for Primary Teaching of English in Lithuania
02 Dec 2011
Tuesday afternoon of November 22nd cheered up with lower school students’ performances.
thumb_212 - Copy-bdac4393a9ed0b94b3c07dc7fd27f543.jpg
02 Dec 2011
Community Service Project Continues: English Language Teaching with a Cultural Glimpse in Utena
The Children’s Library “Jono ir Marijos Sinių namai” and AISV has been developing productive and mutually valuable working and social relationship since 2008. Three years ago a group of Grade 10 students went to the library to meet a group of students from A.Šapoka gymnasium in Utena to have a discussion on various educational and social issues, and to identify the needs of the library for further projects, one of them being teaching English classes to children from different schools in Utena. Since that time we have been going two or three times a year to meet and teach the children.
29 Nov 2011
Admissions Officer from Notre Dame University (Indiana, US) Visits AISV
On November 17, a former admissions counselor from Notre Dame University Mr. Daniel J. Saracino came to talk to Mr. Dan J. Saracino grades 9-12 students, AISV staff and parents about what it takes to get into college in the US and other countries.
25 Nov 2011
AISV- A.Vienuolis Basic School Student Exchange Project
On the 21st of November students of grade 6 presented our school to the students of Antanas Vienuolis Basic school.
18 Nov 2011
A Meeting with an American Astronaut Karol Bobko at the Planetarium
This week AISV students had a fantastic opportunity to meet a man who went to space three times to work in the space stations. Mr. Karol Bobko came to Lithuania for 2 reasons.
11 Nov 2011
St. Martin's Day: The Photo Project "The Light"
Upper school students Serafina, Tonio, Elizaveta, Gabrielė, Patricija, and Ligita shared their thoughts and pictures of light and their interpretation of the light. You are welcome to visit the on line exhibition of their photo art work on
28 Oct 2011
Student Governing Day at AISV
It has become a tradition to have student governing day at AISV to observe the World Teachers’ Day. AISV dedicated a day to student teaching on October 26th this year. Pairs of interested Grades 5-11 students taught English, Math, Science, Social studies, PE, French, Russian, Computers, Lithuanian, ELL and music to Grades Pre-K 3 - up.
28 Oct 2011
Healthy Life Style Week
In relation to the AISV Philosophy and Objectives which states that “AISV Encourages Its Students to acquire a healthy self-respect and sense of worth and strive for physical, emotional and social well -being;” the planning committee organized the 3rd annual Healthy Lifestyle Week on September 19-23rd, 2011.
27 Oct 2011
A Trip to Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition at Ozas Shopping Center
Then as we came up to the standing wax statue of Da Vinci, in a few seconds we were all drifting in our minds thinking about the time of Da Vinci and how he lived
27 Oct 2011
Grades 4-6 Dance Party
Awesome, awesome the dance party was!
thumb_8 (1)-6d30d674dc5ab58b50a7b85e96a3c8e1.jpg
27 Oct 2011
Grade 5 Field Trip to the Paper Making Factory
Grade 5 went on a fieldtrip to the paper making factory in Grigiškės.
thumb_DSC_0118 - Copy-599ec96084d066625e331be60e8c542a.jpg
08 Sep 2011
AISV 2011 Graduates
Congratulations to our first graduates who will continue their studies in many of the best universities in the UK and in the USA!