School Canteen

Dear AISV Parents and Students,

The company UAB "Voverės" is very proud to continue serving food to the students at AISV. Our food is always fresh and natural. We aim to make healthy food which would be culturally diverse and appealing to children. This way we contribute to building kids’ healthy eating habits as well as cultural knowledge. Having over 9 years of experience in this field (we deliver catering to a lot of private kindergartens and schools) we know it’s quite a challenge, but one we are very keen to partake in and to be thankful for. Please find below the information about the school canteen catering service.
The menu for the upcoming months it will be uploaded on AISV website. The lunch for Pre-K through Grade 2 students can be ordered on a monthly bases and only by advance payment. Pre-K through Grade 2 students get their daily lunch from 3-week seasonal menu which is in compliance with all the children catering regulations & approved by National Food & Veterinary Inspection (VMVT). Lunch meal includes soup, main second dish & side dish, vegetables, fruits and water. Kids can always ask for a refill which is free of charge. In case the child is sick or absent, the payed amount for missed days is discounted from the next month’s payment. However, parents need to inform the canteen about the absence of the child in advance - if not the day before, then at least the current day before 9:00 am by email:
The cost per set lunch for Pre-K-Gr.2 students is 3.50 Eur per day.
The payment for Pre K - Gr. 2 students should be made either by making an advance bank transfer (the bank details are below in this email) or by paying at the canteen cashier. 
The lunch for students of grades 3 and up includes soup, main second dish and a side dish. This year, from Monday to Friday the students will get to choose from three hot meal options, one of which is often a vegetarian dish. Friday is the „cheat day” when freshly baked buns, pizzas, burgers or hot dogs are available. The prices are as follows: hot meals with side dish - 2,90 – 3,50 EUR (normal portion); soup - 1,00 EUR soup (half portion - 0,70 EUR). Students in grades 3-5 will select their meals each morning when they arrive in the classroom. Money or the special canteen Paysera e-card will be collected and sent to the canteen daily unless the family has prepaid for the meals.
If you would like to get a special canteen Paysera e-card for payments (they don't require cash operations and can only be used in school canteen) please let us know by e-mail to
The canteen is open daily from 8 am to 4:00 pm. Throughout the day the canteen serves fresh fruit, homemade snacks, sandwiches, tea & coffee. Healthy snack for morning recess is also available on a daily basis for students to purchase from grades 4 and up. Other students need to bring their morning snack from home.
Bank details for lunch pre-payment: UAB "Voverės" Swedbank LT867300010144152633 Please indicate the name of the child & the grade in the transfer. If you have any questions, please contact us: +370 606 94196 - Laura Klimavičiūtė, canteen administrator.

Kind regards,
UAV Voverės


Any student who does not wish to sign-up for the hot lunch program, should bring his/her own lunch from home - microwaves and a refrigerator are available for the use of these students.