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25 Oct 2018
A Field Trip to Anykščiai
On the 24th of September, 10th graders went on a field trip to Anykščiai. Our first stop was at St. Matthew’s Church with the beautiful panorama of Anykščiai.
13 Aut 2018
Grade 10 Explored BERLIN
On June 6-9, the 10th graders went on a history based trip to Berlin, Germany. During the second semester, the 10th grade studied WWI and WWII in their history class. Going to Berlin was a way to connect the facts to the real world and see history through a different lens.
13 Aut 2018
The IB Program aims to develop multicultural understanding in all Diploma students in order to make the world a better place. In keeping with the mission of both the IB Program and AISV, our grade 11 students had an opportunity to take part on an IB Week Without Walls trip to Lisbon, Portugal.
18 Apr 2018
The Diary of the Centenary of Lithuania in AISV
On February 16, 2018 Lithuania celebrated the centenary of the restoration of its independence. Following a slogan “Discover! Create! Celebrate!” AISV community organized a whole range of activities to commemorate the centenary.
26 Feb 2018
Shrove Tuesday Celebration
AISV had its favorite traditional Shrove Tuesday "Užgavėnės" celebration on Tuesday. It's a Lithuanian folk celebration to rejoice end of winter. Užgavėnės, a time for merry-making, is celebrated with games, dancing and songs.
26 Feb 2018
Grade 3 at Zoology Museum
On February 7th, Grade 3 students visited the Zoology Museum of Vilnius University. A representative from the museum led the students through the life cycles of different vertebrates and invertebrates.