Welcome to the AISV Library!

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

The AISV Library is a space built for all users’ needs, whether they are academic, social, recreational, personal, and relaxation. It is wide open and intended for group work, relaxation, and general studying.

Borrowing Services

All AISV students, parents, and staff can use the Library Website.

  • Borrowing time for Lower School Students is ONE WEEK for any item.
  • Middle and High School Students can borrow for TWO WEEKS if it is necessary for their assignments. 

The Print Collection

The print collection includes picture books, first chapter books, middle grades fiction books, young adult and adult fiction, a growing collection of non-fiction books, and a reference section. A few times per year AISV Library receives new arrivals to support their student’s and teacher’s reading needs. New arrivals are displayed on the Library display shelves as well as the school community can see Library News in Weekly Agenda.

Online Databases

AISV Library provides access to many academic online databases that are suitable for all divisions (Lower, Middle, and High School). You can see all of our databases on the library website. Passwords are accessible here with an AISV email username and password.

General & Specialized Research Databases

A collection of online encyclopedias and general reference sites that are reliable and trustworthy. These sites usually make homework easier by generating instant MLA citations and allowing you to save articles you are using. Content often includes text and videos.

  • BrainPop & BrainPop, Jr. (Elementary)
  • DK Find Out (Elementary)
  • Noodletools (Middle and High School)
  • JSTOR (High School)
  • Active History UK (High School)
  • Science Direct Open Access (High School)
  • ARS Technica (High School)
  • ResearchGate Database (Middle and High School)
  • Libre Texts (Middle and High School)
  • Wiley Online (High School)
  • ERIC  (Education Resources Information Center) (High School)
  • Project Muse (High School)
  • iWitness (Middle School)
  • Lexico (Middle and High School)
  • Ref World (High School)
  • The Daily Cafe (Faculty)
  • Twinkl (Faculty)
  • Grammarly (Middle and High School)

Current Events Databases

News articles are most important for student knowledge written at differing reading levels. Many of these sites offer quizzes, tracking of reading, and articles searchable by reading level. All magazines are in digital format.

  • National Geographic
  • Newsela
  • NY Times
  • Press Reader
  • The Economist
  • Pro Con Database
  • ProQuest Research

Digital Books

Access to online digital and interactive books.

  • Epic! Books for Kids
  • Oxford OWL eBook Library
  • Raz Kids, Reading A - Z, Vocabulary A - Z, Headsprout
  • Project Gutenberg

Mother Tongue Section

While the AISV Library collection is primarily in English we also continue to expand our Mother Tongue section. Our Library has resources in Lithuanian, German, French, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Lithuanian Mother Tongue Teachers often collect Lithuanian language books from the AISV Library and based on students' reading levels, creating significant sections of Lithuanian Language books in every classroom. As well as non-native speakers are able to discover the beauty of Lithuanian language pictures and chapter books.