Welcome to the AISV Library!

The AISV Library is a space built for all users’ needs, whether they are academic, social, recreational, personal, and relaxation. It is wide open and intended for group work, relaxation, and general studying. The hours are meant to serve the busy lives of students and teachers, as the library is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm throughout the week.

AISV library has changed its location in the AISV during the summer of 2020 and now it is located in the previous student lounge. The beginning of this school year was challenging because the library did not open right away as the school could not mix cohorts. Only from the beginning of November LS students visited the new AISV library to check-out books. The students discovered new books, cozy bean bags, and learned how to search for books in the library.

Borrowing Services 

All AISV students, parents, and staff can use the online catalog Follett Destiny. This is an online platform for managing resources. This library catalog can be accessed online and allow library users to browse collections from school or from home. It shares lists of books & websites for projects and reading. 

  • To borrow books, use the online catalog Follett Destiny and send your book request by email to This new procedure will last until the school can mix cohorts.

  • Due to the unique challenges, this year students can borrow a maximum of TWO items at a time, unless their teacher needs them to take out extra books for a specific assignment.

  • Borrowing time for Lower School Students is ONE WEEK for any item. Middle and High School Students can borrow for TWO WEEKS if it is necessary for their assignments.

  • If a student hasn’t finished reading a book by the due date, he or she needs to re-check the book before taking it home again. Moreover, parents are welcome to send a notification by email requesting to re-check their children's books.

  • Books should be returned to the Library Return box which is next to the new library entrance and they will be returned on the shelves after special sanitizing treatment.

The Print Collection

The print collection includes picture books, first chapter books, middle grades fiction books, young adult and adult fiction, a growing collection of non-fiction books, and a reference section. A few times per year AISV Library receives new arrivals to support their student’s and teacher’s reading needs. New arrivals are displayed on the Library display shelves as well as the school community can see Library News in Weekly Agenda. 

Online Databases

AISV Library provides access to many academic online databases that are suitable for all divisions (Lower, Middle, and High School). Databases are accesseble via this link Community and Library Resources - The American International School of Vilnius ( (the password is available from the AISV Librarian) and it is divided into the following categories:

General & Specialized Research Databases

A collection of online encyclopedias and general reference sites that are reliable and trustworthy. These sites usually make homework easier by generating instant MLA citations and allowing you to save articles you are using. Content often includes text and videos.

  • BrainPop & BrainPop, Jr.

  • DK Find Out



  • Active History UK

  • Science Direct Open Access

  • ARS Technica

  • ResearchGate Database

  • Libre Texts

  • Wiley Online 

  • ERIC  (Education Resources Information Center)

  • Project Muse

  • iWitness

  • Lexico

  • Ref World

  • The Daily Cafe

  • Twinkl

  • Grammarly

Current Events Databases

News articles are most important for student knowledge written at differing reading levels. Many of these sites offer quizzes, tracking of reading, and articles searchable by reading level. All magazines are in digital format.

  • National Geographic 

  • Newsela

  • NY Times

  • Press Reader

  • The Economist

  • Pro Con Database

  • ProQuest Research

Digital Books

Access to online digital and interactive books.

  • Epic! Books for Kids

  • Oxford OWL eBook Library

  • Raz Kids, Reading A - Z, Vocabulary A - Z, Headsprout

  • Project Gutenberg

Mother Tongue Section

While the AISV Library collection is primarily in English we also continue to expand our Mother Tongue section. Our Library has resources in Lithuanian, German, French, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
Lithuanian Mother Tongue Teachers often collect Lithuanian language books from the AISV Library and based on students' reading levels, creating significant sections of Lithuanian Language books in every classroom. As well as non-native speakers are able to discover the beauty of Lithuanian language pictures and chapter books.

Library integration class

AISV Librarian is looking for new opportunities to introduce books to students and keep them engaged in reading. This is why the librarian has scheduled Library integration classes for LS students from Grade 1 until Grade 5 and meeting with students once a week. Classes are dedicated to supporting the main classroom teacher curriculum. This year, Grade 1 students have enjoyed reading the book “Itchy Bear” and performing its story during their Library integration class. During online learning library integration class students receive assignments on Seesaw and Google Classroom. 

Library Projects 2020

This year AISV Library is inviting all AISV students and teachers to participate in a project called “THE AISV HAPPINESS BOOK”. This book will represent what the AISV community believe HAPPINESS means to them. This project includes all students from different divisions (LS, MS, HS) and teachers as well.

The AISV library is a growing, evolving organism. Without change, the library will cease to be relevant. With the addition of social innovation projects, technology, and databases, we have the 21st-century school library.

 See glimpses from our Library events and activities in this video!


Come and visit us at the AISV Library!

We are open on all school days from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.