Welcome to the AISV Library!

At the AISV Library we celebrate reading and learning every day! Our Library offers students a collection of online, print and video media representing many genres, topics and languages.

The Print Collection

The print collection includes picture books, first chapter books, middle grades fiction books, young adult and adult fiction, magazines for children and teenagers, a growing collection of non-fiction books and a reference section. The media collection includes audio-books on CDs and DVDs.

Mother Tongue Section

While the AISV Library collection is primarily in English we also continue to expand our Mother Tongue section. Our Library has resources in Lithuanian, German, French, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Borrowing Rules

The AISV Library is open for all students, parents and staff. All materials can be borrowed on any school day from 8am to 3:45pm.

The materials are usually checked out for a 7 day period. If you need to extend the loan period, please contact the Librarian or come to the Library to renew your items.

The following are the days when students visit the AISV Library (2016-2017 School Year): Monday - Grade 1; Tuesday - Grade 5; Tuesday - Kindergarten; Wednesday - Grade 3; Wednesday - Grade 4; Thursday - Prek-3; Friday - Grade 2; Friday - Prek-4. 

Library Catalog

The AISV  Library catalog can be accessed online and allows library users to browse collection from school or from home. Click on the link below to search the AISV Library Collection: Destiny online catalog


Online Resources


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Come and visit us at the AISV Library!

We are open on all school days from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.