AISV Graduation Requirements

As a college preparatory institution, AISV offers two diplomas, both of which fulfill the school’s Guiding Statements and prepare students for university admittance.

AISV Honors Diploma (same as IB Program)

To receive the AISV Honors Diploma, students complete all of the requirements of the IB Diploma, as listed below. Students who complete the IB courses and requirements, but do not receive the required marks on their examinations, may still receive the AISV Honors Diploma.

Requirements for IB/AISV Honors Diploma

Candidates for the IB Diploma must satisfy assessment requirements in six subjects and the core. All higher level subjects, the core and at least one standard level subject must be taught over the two years of the programme. The six subjects must be selected from six groups as described in the relevant handbook for the examination session, with at least three and not more than four subjects being offered at higher level and the others at standard level. Recommended teaching time is 240 hours for higher level courses and 150 hours for standard level courses.

In addition to the six subjects, candidates for the IB Diploma must complete the core requirements of: 1) a course in theory of knowledge including the required assessment 2) CAS activities, for which the IB recommends at least 150 hours for the required combination of experiences 3) an extended essay in a subject available for this purpose to be submitted for assessment, for which the IB recommends approximately 40 hours of work by candidates.


English - 4 one-year credits (including 2 IB credits)

Math - 4 one-year credits (including 2 IB credits)

Science - 4 one-year credits (including 2 IB credits)

History/Social Science - 4 one-year credits (including 2 IB credits)

Foreign Language - 4 one-year credits (including 2 IB credits)

Health/P.E. - 2 one-year credits (P.E. 1.5, Health 0.5)

Enrichment  - 2 one-year credits or 4 semester credits (including 2 IB credits)

The Arts - 2 one-year credits

Community Service - Completed for 4 years

CORE (CAS, TOK, EE) - 2 one-year credits and completion of EE, TOK and CAS requirements


Course Candidates

Candidates who study and are assessed for subjects, but choose not to take the entire IB Diploma, are referred to as Diploma Programme Course Candidates (“DP Course Candidates”). The subjects chosen are referred to as DP courses and may include the core requirements of theory of knowledge, the extended essay and/or completion of a CAS programme. DP Course Candidates receive DP Course Results.

Assessment Requirements for receipt of the IB Diploma

Performance in each subject is graded on a scale of 7 points (maximum) down to 1 point (minimum). Performance in theory of knowledge and the extended essay are each graded on a scale of A (maximum) to E (minimum). The CAS requirement is not assessed. For the IB Diploma, a maximum of 3 points is awarded for combined performance in theory of knowledge and the extended essay. The maximum total DP points score is 45.

All assessment components for each of the six subjects and the additional Diploma requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the award of the IB Diploma. The IB Diploma will be awarded to a candidate provided all the following requirements have been met:

1)      CAS requirements have been met.

2)      The candidate’s total points are 24 or more.

3)      There is no “N” awarded for theory of knowledge, the extended essay or for a contributing subject.

4)      There is no grade E awarded for theory of knowledge and/or the extended essay.

5)      There is no grade 1 awarded in a subject/level.

6)      There are no more than two grade 2s awarded (HL or SL).

7)      There are no more than three grade 3s or below awarded (HL or SL).

8)      The candidate has gained 12 points or more on HL subjects (for candidates who register for four HL subjects, the three highest grades count).

9)      The candidate has gained 9 points or more on SL subjects (candidates who register for two SL subjects must gain at least 5 points at SL).

10)  The candidate has not received a penalty for academic misconduct from the Final Award Committee.


AISV Diploma

To receive the AISV Diploma, students must complete the following requirements:

English - 4 one-year credits

Math - 3 one-year credits

Science - 3 one-year credits

History/Social Science - 3 one-year credits

Foreign Language - 3 one-year credits

Health/P.E. - 2 one-year credits (P.E. 1.5, Health 0.5)

Enrichment - 4 one year credits 

The Arts - 2 one-year credits

CORE (CAS, TOK, EE)  - 1 one-year credit 

Community Service - Completed for 4 years

Individual Capstone Project - Starting in Grade 11, students will choose and prepare a project in which they plan, investigate and present on a topic of personal interest in consultation with a teacher supervisor. 


Incomplete - Any student who has not completed course assignments or cannot be assessed due to absence, will be assigned an NA for the quarter. The student has until the end of the following quarter to complete work. Upon completion, the student will be assigned a grade for the previous quarter. If the student does not complete the missing work by the end of the quarter, s/he will not receive credit for the year and will be required to make up (through an external course - to be paid for by the student) the course or an equivalent one, approved by the subject teacher).