Student Support in LS


AISV provides educational services for a carefully managed number of students with a range of academic needs. AISV’s teachers are dedicated to fostering the intellectual and emotional/social growth of each student. To promote active learning, we work to develop students’ understanding of how they learn and how they are progressing. We use differentiated instruction to provide all students access to the curriculum. Our Inclusive Education (IE)  program provides support to students and teachers who need additional strategies and resources to maximize their success.


English is the language of instruction at AISV. All teachers and specialists are involved in the development of all students’ the student’s interpersonal and academic proficiency in the English language. The EAL staff in the Lower School consists of one Learning Assistant in each classroom.  The Learning Assistant collaborates with the classroom teacher and assists in providing differentiated instruction and materials for English language learners.  We use various methods of co­-teaching, small group instruction, or individualized instruction as needed to strengthen the learning of the students.


In the Lower School the Community Life program supports students’ well-being through:

  • Class meetings

  • Approaches to Learning

  • Community Life lessons (2 x per month)

  • Assemblies (1 x per month)

  • Division-specific events and projects