School Board

What is the School Board?  

Members of AISV School Board 2018-2019: Christopher Volciak, Board Chair, Sarah Kyle, Artūras Žygelis, Darius Trusevičius, David Rodgers, Jonathan Becka, Andres Barcenas,  Stephane Ruz, Director*, Nancy van Winden, PSA President *, Sheryl Salem, Deputy Director *, Darius Gradzevičius, Business Manager *Ieva Chrimlytė, Board Secretary  * - * non voting members


Board Authority

The governing body of AISV is the School Board. The authority of the Board is legally established in the incorporation documents of the AISV foundation in the State of Delaware. The Board concentrates on the policy direction and control of the School as a whole. It establishes basic policies and major program for the School and delegates to the Director the day-to-day administration and carrying out of approved policies and programs.

/section 2.1 of AISV School Board Policy Manual/


Board Composition

  • The Board is composed of seven voting members.
  • The US Ambassador, or designee, is chair of the board and appoints one other voting representative of the US Embassy.
  • The Director of the school and President of PSA are non-voting members


Role of the Board

  • Govern according to the school’s Mission and Vision
  • Establish school policy
  • Delegate day-to-day management to the Director
  • Select external advisors, when and as deemed necessary
  • Focus on the strategic goals for the short and long term, and the resources needed to carry it there.
  • Appraisal of finances, program, and school structure


What are the responsibilities of the Board?

  • Hire, develop, support, and evaluate the Director
  • Serve as steward of the school’s assets and as architect of the 
school’s future.
  • Study, evaluate and decide upon proposals submitted by the Administration.
  • Encourage the continuous development of a school ethos that pursues excellence in learning, initiative and high-levels of interpersonal skills.
  • Make decisions as a team; speak with a collective voice.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive matters.


What the Board may not do

  • Make decisions about hiring or evaluating any staff member but the Director.
  • Manage day-to-day operations.

  • Take action or make a promise as individuals on behalf of the Board.
  • Misuse the Board’s authority to further the special interests of an individual, family or group.


Please take a look at the results of the annual AISV School Climate Survey 2017: Parent Survey Results and Student Survey Results. The survey is an important tool for us to be able to see where we are and to improve our services for our students.