Second Grade Goes to the Seimas

Second Grade Goes to the Seimas


by Philip, Julia and Edward, grade 2 students

On Thursday, February 23, 2012, the second grade class of AISV went to the Lithuanian Parliament. In Lithuanian it is called the Seimas. Mr. Mazuronis is a member of the Parliament and he was our tour guide.

We started our tour by going through Security. We had to go up quite a lot of stairs. Finally, we got up to the first room. It was the official door into the Parliament. He mentioned that there was a bullet hole in the tall window. People once got angry at the Parliament people. Now they keep it because it is a symbol for the Parliament people to remember that they work for the people of Lithuania.

Next we saw a lot of rooms that had pictures of important people and microphones and halls where people meet. He let us talk on the microphones but it got 100% loud and we had to turn them off.

One place we really want to mention is the chapel. There are pictures of about 25 people that died for Lithuanian independence. Some of them were teenagers when they died! The youngest was 17 years old.

When we ended the tour, Mr. Mazuronis gave us candy! It is delicious and has a picture of the Seimas on the front. We will always remember that wonderful trip  to the Seimas.