AISV Happiness Book 2021


AISV Happiness Book 2021


AISV Happiness Book 2021 by Guylaine... - Flipsnack

October 2020 was the  International School Library Month (ISLM), an annual celebration of school libraries worldwide. The 2020 theme for ISLM was “Finding Your Way to Good Health and Well Being”, based on one of the UNSDG goals i.e. UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 “Good Health and Well Being”

In relation to this, we have invited all AISV students and teachers to celebrate ISLM 2020 theme by engaging in a project called “AISV HAPPINESS BOOK”. This book represents what we as the AISV community believe happiness means to us, what we treasure and what we miss during these difficult times of a global pandemic. The project included all students from different divisions (LS, MS, HS) and teachers as well. We are thrilled to present the book with all of our hearts in it! We hope this book brings a sliver of joy to your hearts as well.

Thank you all for your participation! Thank you Ms. Leticija, Ms. Ana for your sincere help and Ms. Guylaine for the wonderful design!