Throughout the Book Week in February, students competed and worked together to focus on reading and inquiry. LS students set their reading goals and every day they measured how many minutes they read at home and at school. We are proud of all students! Grade 2 logged the most minutes, beating their goal by 50%. Wow! Lower School students read 520 hours and 15 minutes in total, and we hope they’ll continue reading great books. We also offered all students a chance to guess the favorite teacher’s book and our community stepped up. We had record participation and many correct guesses with 14 in Lower School, 4 in Middle School and 20 students in High School guessing correctly. 

Pre-K 4 students started off the AISV Book Week by visiting the Public Children's Library of A. Mickevičius on Traku str.10. The most exciting part was exploring the musical books, playing table games, and taking part in other educational activities.

MS & HS students joined in the fun by reading in their native languages with LS students in celebration of “UN International Mother Language Reading Day”. This is a lovely event celebrated across international schools worldwide and AISV was happy to participate and celebrate our diversity. MS students also competed in reading challenges through an interactive scavenger hunt dedicated to books, genres, and our teachers and in creating their own collaborative story. 

The AISV Book Week 2020 was a great success and we would love to support reading at home for you and your family. Feel free to stop by or email us directly for book recommendations, help to access digital books or articles related to topics of interest, access to our magazine and newspapers through the NY Times & Press Reader.  Happy Reading!


By Egle Kazlauskienė (LS Librarian) & Michelle Fitzgerald (MS/HS Librarian)