Grade 10 End-of-Year Trip to Berlin

Grade 10 End-of-Year Trip to Berlin


The trip to Berlin was a great time spent with friends and teachers. We learned so much by visiting many museums that were insightful and heartbreaking. It was very interesting to see and learn more about the events in Germany. We visited several museums including the German Historical Museum. We also went to the Museum Island and went to the top of the Berlin Cathedral for a panoramic view of the city. On one evening we went up to the top of the glass dome of the Reichstag Building - the architecture and view was breathtaking.

Our favorite part of the trip was in the Jewish Museum where we  were able to walk through an installation by Menashe Kadishman called “Fallen Leaves”. There were more than 10,000 faces with open mouths, cut from heavy round iron plates that covered the floor.

Despite the heat, it was a trip we would always remember. We all bonded together and made great memories.  

By Olese, Petra and Jonas, Grade 10 students