In January a group of Grade 9-10 & Grade 11 IB DP Art students went to explore Vienna, its art galleries and museums: The Hundertwasser House, one of Austria’s architectural highlights, The ALBERTINA Museum which is devoting a comprehensive solo exhibition to Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani (1862–1918); Belvedere with a total of 24 works, which owns the biggest and most important collection of Klimt paintings in the world; a Unique Bruegel exhibition to mark the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Here are some impressions by the students:

“The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna was jaw dropping. As soon as we entered the building, the gorgeous marble interior was vibrating in beautiful colors and patterns. The highlight of the visit was the chance to see the once in a lifetime Bruegel exhibit. I liked the way how Bruegel’s artworks show depth by precise positioning of subjects and shading.” By Nikita (gr. 11)

“We visited the American International School of Vienna and had a master class with the IB art teacher Ms. Sampson. We shared our experiences in IB and art themes. We altered images of Sheigel using sandpaper and water colour crayons. We learned that other images can inspire our own work. We are fell in love with the city.” By Elena (Gr. 11)  and Adriana (Gr. 9)

“Out of all of the paintings, my favourite was “self portrait in a convex mirror” by Parmigianino. I really liked the way the painting was painted on a convex piece of wood to help give the effect of looking into a mirror. The way that the environment and person was distorted around the edges of the mirror made it seem as if I was looking into a mirror and someone else was staring back at me. Overall, the details that the painting had displayed the immense skill that Parmigianino had as an artist and is quite a sight to see.” By William (Gr.10)