Grade 10 Explored BERLIN

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Grade 10 Explored BERLIN


On June 6-9, the 10th graders went on a history based trip to Berlin, Germany with three of their teachers: their homeroom teacher Mrs. Mejia, their German teacher Mr. Villuveit, and their history teacher Mr. Holt. During the second semester, the 10th grade studied WWI and WWII in their history class. Going to Berlin was a way to connect the facts to the real world and see history through a different lens. The students went to a number of museums, such as the Stasi and DDR museum, and important sites, such as the East Side Gallery and the Treptower Park. They also had a day long tour of Berlin, with stops at the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, and Hitler’s bunker. The trip was a great way for the class to bond and continue learning their curriculum outside of the classroom.

by Gabrielė Degutytė, Grade 10 student


Here is (see the link below) a beautiful video from Berlin trip composed by Gytė. Enjoy!