Grade 8 Visited the Linguistic Center “Lituanistikos židinys”

Grade 8 Visited the Linguistic Center “Lituanistikos židinys”


The new school year has started with the enthusiasm to learn more and expand the knowledge about the Lithuanian language. On September 7th, Grade 8 students visited the Linguistic Center “Lituanistikos židinys”. This trip was planned as a continuation of their first lesson about language as a social phenomenon.

“Lituanistikos židinys“ is the unique interactive Lithuanian language museum in Lithuania, established in 2006. Linguistic facts are presented in attractive and modern way to motivate students as future language researchers and creators, as well as to promote Lithuanian language as a part of the European multilingualism and intercultural dialogue.

The students visited an educational exhibition “Touch the Lithuanian Language with Your Hands!” guided by the museum employee. They were introduced to significant linguistic documents, dictionaries and famous Lithuanian linguists. The museum’s uniqueness is specific linguistic toys. Students found out that that language is not only grammar and punctuation, it's a lively and interesting phenomenon that can be funny to learn and even be touched by hand!

Visiting the museum helped the students understand the material that was being covered during lessons and developed interest in the Lithuanian language as one of the most important factors of national identity and citizenship.

Ms. Irena Stefanovič, Lithuanian Mother Tongue Teacher