Grade 10 field Trip to Anykščiai

Grade 10 field Trip to Anykščiai



By Patricija, Grade 10 Student


On September 28th, grade 10 students went on a field trip to Anykščiai. Anykščiai is a small town in central Lithuania. Many famous poets and writers are from this town, including Jonas Biliūnas and Antanas Baranauskas. Tenth graders during their trip visited the museum of Jonas Biliūnas and tried some authentic Lithuanian food.

First of all, they went to try to make real Lithuanian butter and cheese. Beating butter was a new experience for all of the students, they learned how the butter is made and how it is stored. Afterwards, they tried their own made butter and said that is was delicious.

When the butter was all beaten up, lunch was served and then together with Mrs. Ana, AISV Art Teacher, students began taking pictures of the beautiful nature of Anykščiai. There were many tasks the students had to fulfill such as to draw a sketch of the house of Jonas Biliūnas or to take portraits of each other in different light. The hour of art passed very fast, and then the students split into two groups. One went to the museum of Jonas Biliūnas and the other - to the museum of Lithuanian railways.

Lastly, when going home, all of the students felt excited and happy about the field trip and the fun time they had!