Meeting with Interpreter Mrs. Vilija Gerulaitienė at AISV Library

Meeting with Interpreter Mrs. Vilija Gerulaitienė at AISV Library



On May 16th, High School students (Grades 9-11) who study German had a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with the interpreter Vilija Gerulaitienė at AISV library.

The interpreter  not only shared her own techniques of translation, but also introduced our school students with St. Jerome, the patron of translators. He is considered to be the first interpreter who translated the Bible into Latin. In addition, she spoke about the mythological origins of translation (history of the construction of Babylon tower). Mrs. Vilija provided examples of acceptable and unacceptable translations, as well made it possible for the students to peek into the daily work of the translators.

The guest speaker provided data on the number of different countries which publish translated books. More than 51% of Lithuanian books that are published are translations from different languages. In Germany this number is 21.5% and in the USA only 3% of published books are translations from other languages.

We sincerely thank the honorable guest speaker for an interesting lecture, and also to r Ms. Egle Vidutyte, our school librarian, for arranging this meeting. Students had a great opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the work of translators and interpreters.