3rd IB DP Convention of Lithuania in Tauragė

3rd IB DP Convention of Lithuania in Tauragė


On Friday, January I5th, five students from Grade 11 took the opportunity to participate in an overnight field trip to the 3rd Lithuanian IB DP Convention in Tauragė.

After we arrived at the hosting school, we were separated from our classmates (in order to meet new people) and divided into groups for some ice-breaking games. We took part in different service activities in town and played games related to the IB, in which we got to see how our experiences of IB are compared to our peers.

Next, the founder of “Aktyvi Tauragė” Saulius Bagdonas gave us a speech about his career and answered our questions. Afterwards, we had a CAS simulation activity where we had to create examples of different possible CAS projects. After dinner, everyone played an amusing “Brain Battle” game and talked about our IB experience.

 On Saturday, the next day, we participated in an orientation game all around Tauragė, despite the freezing cold weather. When we got back, we watched a presentation on different universities around the world (the possibilities, procedures, and requirements). Finally, after reflecting on the knowledge and experience that we gained on convention, we got back on our bus to Vilnius.

Overall, this was a definitely great opportunity for us to meet other students from IB DP schools and take an active part in all of the planned activities, which included all three CAS strands (creativity, activity and service).

By Darina, IB DP student