Field Trip to the Amber Museum

Field Trip to the Amber Museum



By Julija R., Grade 10 student


On January 20th, Grade 10 students, who attend classes of Lithuanian language and cultures as non-moter tongue, went to the amber museum. The museum is located on St. Mykolo Street in the Old Town of Vilnius. There we got a chance to see various kinds of amber which was found in or brought to Lithuania. The amber came in different colors such as blue, white, green, yellow, transparent, black and brown. We also saw amber with inclusions, mostly with insects and even lizards. There was a number of polished and unpolished amber pieces that we could observe.

In addition, we saw an old pagan temple as well as the 16th century clay workshop. Finally, we learned how to distinguish between fake and real amber: fake amber sinks, while real amber floats due to the fact that it is light. 

It was interesting to discover more about the “Lithuanian gold”.