Middle and High School Team Building adventures

Middle and High School Team Building adventures


The traditional Middle and High School Team Building field trips took place on September 4-5th. The purpose of these field trips was for students and teachers to get to know each other better, to learn about own strengths and weaknesses, check the abilities, socialize and enjoy the time together.  The students had an opportunity to explore Vilnius old town through a scavenger hunt activity as well as to try their physical skills and team building skills during the rope climbing adventure in the Labas Park.

Here is the experince of one of our students - Lukas Z., grade 11 

A Day in the Old Town and Off the Ground

 On the sunny morning of Friday the 5th of September, AISV  high school student, instead of 

going to classes like usual, gathered in the assembly hall. There, they found the teams 

they were assigned to work with to complete a series of teambuilding activities. After a swift debriefing, the day commenced.


The first portion of the day involved walking (or in some cases - running) around the Vilnius Old 

Town, searching for various noteworthy locations or objects - a task many found entertaining, 

having never had a chance to properly explore the nooks and crannies that Vilnius is full of. 

With a file with the words ‘Mission (Im)Possible’ written in bold on the cover, the groups spread 

out, following the instructions they were given and trying as hard as they could to be the first in 

completing all the objectives and coming back to AISV for a quick break. Highlights included 

drilling a hole in a piece of amber, searching for green men (who were not green in the 

traditional sense), finding the starting point of the Baltic Way and reading the Constitution of the 

Republic of Užupis, a joke between the people living within the district, spread across the walls 

of Paupio street in many languages.


 After the teams had completed their missions, they gathered at their starting point, and 

discussed how they went about the tasks, how the roles were divided, and what made them 

effective. A prominent and very accurate answer was simply ‘teamwork’, a strategy most, if not 

all, managed to employ very well.


 The previous contenders, after catching their breath, jumped on several busses and went to 

Uno Park to continue building teamwork off of the ground in several ropes courses, ranging 

from a mild introductory course for those who had not done anything of the sort beforehand, to 

the difficult one high off the ground, where only the bravest and most experienced dared 

venture. These courses consisted of several elements, like zip lines and various styles of 

crossings between trees, designed to provide a workout, as well as make it challenging enough 

to give one a sense of accomplishment one they were passed.


After several hours of quality fun later, the students made their way home, exhausted, but content after a long day outside of the classroom.  The real value though, was not the variety of activities. No, it came in the form of new friendships, and most of all shared memories that will be remembered fondly, with the coming of the challenging main part of the academic year.