Grade 2 Library Class Role Play

Grade 2 Library Class Role Play


On 14th of November, Grade 2 students showed a role-play of the book The Scarecrow Who Didn’t Scare by Neil Griffiths in the library class.

Four weeks ago the story was introduced to grade 2 during their library lesson. The
story was read aloud to ensure that the children were fully engaged. Story time
didn’t end just with the story. Grade 2 set the role-play and prepared
enjoyable crafts to ensure full participation. They had a real size scarecrow,
which they made together as a class.

Children were divided by roles. During the play a scarecrow (Kostas) had a pair of
gloves, an old hat, and boots. The farmer (Andrey) was making the hammering
noises at the beginning of the story. The other characters in the story were a
mouse (Laura), a rabbit (Deimanas), and a pigeon (Georgij). The two narrators
that kept the story going were Olivia and Glori.

They all worked hard and did a great job!!

Egle Vidutyte