The core teaching staff at AISV is composed of certified professional teachers. Grade 1 through grade 5 main homeroom teachers as well as the most of the upper school core subject teachers are native English speakers. A large percentage have Master's degrees from American universities. The Lithuanian teachers are graduates from outstanding Lithuanian universities. Art, music, EAL, computers, French, German, Russian, Lithuanian language and culture, and physical education are taught by qualified and devoted personnel. Here you can see  introductions of all staff with details about their qualifications, experience, hobbies and their impressions of Vilnius and AISV.



MA, Framingham University; Library Certification; Certificate - Montana State University, Bozeman; MS, Kaunas Technological University

I have earned a Master's degree in Science from the Kaunas Technological University and a Master's degree in Education from Framingham State University. I have been working at AISV since 2001. I enjoy traveling. Vilnius is my home and I love it!

Diana Arya,
9-10 kl. matematikos mokytoja, IB matematikos mokytoja
I graduated with a BA in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin in 2005, and I graduated with an MA in Teaching from Rockford College in 2008. I taught Special Education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 4 years before moving abroad. I taught English in Taiwan and most recently taught Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love exploring the old streets of Vilnius and discovering new coffee shops to visit. I have a dog named Leo, who I enjoy taking for walks around the city and parks.
Samantha Baker,
2 kl. mokytoja

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University. I am a qualified teacher of Physical Education and Geography and the coach of handball, as well as a qualified Pre-school teacher. I had been working as a teacher with small kids for over 18 years in the pre-schools of Vilnius. I started working at AISV as a Pre-K Learning Assistant, then for 4 years I worked as LS Learning Assistant and at the same time I was a part-time AISV Librarian's Assistant for 8 years.  I like music, traveling, sports, playing team games like handball, football. I enjoy oil painting as well. I think Vilnius is the most beautiful city in the world.

Rasa Barauskienė,
Bibliotekos asistentė

Education: MS, Vilnius University

I graduated from Vilnius University with BS in Applied Mathematics, then got my Master's in Probability, Theory, and Financial Economics. I worked for a couple of years in IT, then banking, while finally ending up in education, which seems to be the coolest path so far. My hobbies are sports and politics. Vilnius is my native city - it is cozy, but quite a lively little city, with amazing history, in the middle of nowhere.

Konstantinas Bogdanas,
IB matematikos mokytojas/ IT koordinatorius

Education: MA, Vilnius University

With a bachelor’s degree in English Philology and a Master’s degree in Russian studies, I’m particularly strong in the fields of linguistics and second language acquisition. I truly believe that a teacher has to create a positive atmosphere of learning and trust to ensure that every student is successful within the classroom. Traveling and music are at the top of the list of my hobbies. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Agneta Bulgakova,
Pradinės mokyklos EAL mokytoja
Co-planning and co-teaching lessons involving technology. Ensuring Lower School students understand good Digital Citizenship using the ISTE standards, and programming basics. Chemical research background. Fine Arts degree. Last job was in the Fine Arts Department at Bucks County Community College. I also owned and operated a photography and video business for many years. I will be continuing my education for a degree in Education.
Burns Austin,
Pagrindinės mokyklos dailės mokytojas
I was born and raised in Spain where I got a BA in English Philology from Universitat de Lleida and MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid. I have lived internationally for the last 20 years discovering new cultures, learning new languages, and developing my passion for teaching. I have taught Foreign Languages in Spain, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States to elementary, middle school, and college students as well as adults. I love to guide my students through the path of language acquisition and adapt to their needs and their different ways of learning. In my class, there are lots of questions asked, lots of talking, reflection, connections, and discovery.
Sonia Josa Castro,
Ispanų kalbos ir EAL mokytoja

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University. I earned a Bachelors degree in Pre-school Education and a Master's degree in Special Education from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later, I completed a 2-year course of studies to earn my Art specialization. I worked as a Special Education teacher for about 17 years, teaching árts and ceramics as my second work option. I taught summer camps almost every summer. I completed the course on child care and adoption last year. I love reading and traveling. I enjoy being with young people, I am fond of Arts. Vilnius is simply the best.  It is calm, green, and welcoming. Vilnius is also a city of low flying angels.

Leticija Cvetkova,
Pradinės mokyklos dailės mokytoja
I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons University in Boston. Library Science was something I came to after serving for three years in the Peace Corps in Macedonia. Before becoming the librarian at AISV, I was the Upper School Librarian at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I am so lucky to be starting my international teaching journey at AISV where the students are alive with curiosity and my colleagues are full of kindness.
Maggie Davidov,
Bibliotekos direktorė
With my Masters in Arts & Design and after working for ten years as a graphic designer for major publicity agencies in Paris, I moved with my family to Cambodia and Singapore. Now we are delighted to start a new journey in the inspirational baroque pearl of the Baltic States, Vilnius. With my creative flair and my French touch, I develop innovative concepts to promote school events with high visual impact. I am thrilled to make AISV proud of our vibrant community through appealing communication campaigns for Theatre Shows, Sports Competitions, Arts Exhibitions, and more… Crazy about the 50's & 60's in Design, Cinema, and Arts.
Guylaine Draghi,
Grafikos dizainerė

After earning my Bachelor of Education in PE in my native country France, I worked for 15 years as a PE educator, Athletic Director and Coach in three IB schools in Paris, Cambodia, and Singapore. Fun and pleasure are my main drivers to innovate. My students experiment with creative and new sports to grow socially. I teach a “can-do attitude”. I played baseball at the semi-pro level, used to be an NBA journalist, and collaborate with a skateboarding NGO in Asia. Travelling is my main motor, especially to discover new outdoor landscapes. Other hobbies are cinema, contemporary art, golf trips, and snowboarding. 

Julien Draghi,
Sportinių užsiėmimų direktorius / Vidurinės mokyklos fizinio lavinimo mokytojas

Education: BA from the Emory University (USA), MA in Teaching from the Piedmont College.  I have been working in the field of education for 19 years with students at every age level and in various positions (college admissions, teacher of mathematics, English, History, college counselor, community service and CAS coordinator, etc. I've taught  students in the State of Georgia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and the Republic of Georgia. I have advised and worked with a myriad of clubs including MathCounts, Rotary International's Interact and EarlyAct Clubs, Glee Club, National Honor Society, and Women's Empowerment. Outside of teaching, my passions include traveling, running, theater, art, reading, and cooking. I love spending time with my family: my husband, our two daughters, three sons, and rescue dog. Our family has already felt at home in Lithuania and among the AISV community.

Elizabeth Elger,
Pagrindinės mokyklos vadovė

Education: Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from the Leland Stanford Junior University (USA), Masters of Arts in Teaching from the Piedmont College (USA).  2020-21 is be my 16th year teaching - 7 in the state of Georgia, as well as stops in the Commonweath of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Republic of Georgia. Outside of school, I've coached soccer for 16 years and am a diehard Tottenham Hotspur and Atlanta United supporter (as well as a passionate NBA fan - Go Hawks!). I look forward to working with AISV students in the classroom and on the pitch.

Joseph Elger,
IB istorijos, IB anglų kalbos, TOK mokytojas

Education: BA in Languages and Cultural Studies (Los Andes University), MA in Secondary Education (University of Alabama), MA in International Communication (Vilnius University). I have been teaching languages for the past 9 years. This journey has brought me to places like Hong Kong, China, Côte d’Ivoire, France, and now Lithuania. At the same time, my passion for music has been traveling with me. Interestingly enough, Lithuania and its rich cultural and artistic environment have been a source of inspiration and growth for me, allowing me to collaborate, create, and share with local artists (and other super talented staff members!)

Diego Esteban,
EAL mokytojas/ IB anglų kalbos mokytojas

Education: BA in Applied PE and Sports from Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas; MA in Biology - Lithuanian Physical Culture Academy in Kaunas.  I am a sports physiologist, fitness, and flexibility expert. All my life is related to sports, dance, and music. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I believe that the most important thing that I can teach my students is a love for lifetime wellness. I feel it is my responsibility to teach children how to take care of the most important place they are ever going to live in - their own bodies. My biggest passion is contemporary and modern jazz dancing. A big part of my life is music and nature.

Rima Firienė,
Pre-K - 4 kl. fizinio lavinimo mokytoja

Education: MEd, Framingham State College; MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University.  I have earned my MA in French and English Philology from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later I did my Master's degree in International Education from Framingham State College. I started working as a French language teacher at the Financial College of Vilnius and at the French Lyceum of Vilnius. I have worked at the French Institut in Vilnius for 10 years. I started working at AISV in 2001. I like to walk with my dogs, invite people over to my place, and cook. I love traveling and visiting friends. I also adore skiing and biking.

Jurgita Gerybienė,
4-12 kl. prancūzų kalbos mokytoja

Education: PhD, Vilnius Pedagogical University

I graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University with a diploma in German philology and subject teaching. Then I taught German at my alma mater and in 2002 I got a Ph.D. in linguistics. My teaching experience is more than 20 years. In 2018 I started working at  AISV. I am also a professional city guide - I enjoy showing our beautiful Vilnius to the guests. I like reading books, traveling and spending time with my family.

Skaidra Girdenienė,
6-12 kl. vokiečių kalbos mokytoja
I have been teaching upper elementary grades since 2012. I graduated with my BA in Elementary Education, a Middle School Social Studies Endorsement, and History minor from Augustana College in 2012. I also received my MA in School Counseling from Roosevelt University in 2017 and am a Certified School Counselor. I taught 4th grade for 4 years in River Grove, Illinois, and spent the last 2 years teaching 5th grade at the American School of Guatemala in Guatemala City. I am fond of travel, adventuring, eating delicious food, and reading. I love Vilnius for its quirks, blend of history and modernism, and quaint coffee shops.
Adrianna Gonzalez,
3 kl. mokytoja
I have been teaching for 14 years - six at an international school in Brazil, 5.5 in North Carolina, and 2.5 in Texas. I graduated from Angelo State University with a BA in History and Special Education. In 2018, I finished my MS program with the University at Buffalo (also known as SUNY Buffalo). My desire to help students moved me to get certified to teach math, and it was the one of the best decisions I ever made. I am joined by my amazing wife and our three energetic cats. I love traveling, doing community service, and visiting cafés.
Eric Hayes,
Pagrindinės ir vidurinės mokyklų įtraukiojo ugdymo mokytojas

Education: BA in TESOL (Goshen College), MA in Educational Psychology (Ball State University). Growing up internationally in West Africa and Germany developed my appreciation for other cultures and for exploring the world. That inspired me to teach internationally, and I have had the privilege of teaching in Honduras, Egypt, and now Lithuania. My passions extend beyond the classroom as I have also coached football and look for every opportunity to play it, too. My favorite football club is Chelsea, so you can always expect to see my Chelsea poster hanging proudly in my room!

Hans Hess,
Vidurinės mokyklos vadovas

Education: BA in Elementary Education, Special Education + TESOL (Goshen College); MA in Elementary Education with Reading/Literacy concentration (Ball State University).   I am very pleased to have joined the AISV community along with my family. I previously taught Inclusive Education in the United States, Honduras, and Egypt, and taught both the American and British curriculums. Outside of school, I love traveling and learning about others' cultures, being in nature, and spending time crafting. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Lithuania and hope to get to know what Covid-free Vilnius is like soon.

Melina Hess,
Pradinės mokyklos įtraukiojo ugdymo mokytoja

Education: MA, San Francisco State University; Certificate: California. I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's in History. In addition, I have a teaching credential in History and a certificate to teach English as a Second Language. I taught English for 1 year in Russia and Japan for two years. Before coming to Lithuania, I taught History at the American School in Morocco for 5 years. I enjoy traveling, swimming, running, fine dining, reading history, and movies. Vilnius is a nice city that is not crowded or polluted. Also, it offers a good variety of places and activities to enjoy.  So far, I have really enjoyed my time in Vilnius and look forward to spending more time in this city.

Jason Holt,
7-10 kl. socialinių mokslų mokytojas
I originate from a family where six former generations were educators, so teaching is my passion, and it is in my blood. My second passion is chemistry, and obviously, it was no accident that I chose to enter Vilnius Pedagogical university and to study chemistry and education. After graduating from university with a BA in chemistry and teaching, I worked for several years in the UN's environmental field. I am proud to be a teacher!
Donatas Iliška,
Vidurinės mokyklos gamtos mokslų mokytojas / IB chemijos mokytojas

Education: BA, Vilnius Pedagogical University. I have been working at AISV since 2006. I taught Toddlers as well as 3-7 year-olds at AISV Saturday School and AISV Summer Camp. Before joining AISV, I worked as a teacher with children of ages 3-6 in a Lithuanian pre-school. I have degrees in Educology with a specialization in Pre-School Education and English Philology from Vilnius Pedagogical University. I am interested in psychology and photography. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. Moreover, I love playing table games, singing, traveling, and visiting parks. I strongly believe that the only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do! And I have my job a lot!

Inga Jaruševičienė,
Pre-K-4 Mokytoja

Education: Ph.D., Vilnius Pedagogical University.  I have been working as a teacher for 23 years. In 2002, I graduated with an MA in Education. For two years I was a lecturer at the University of Educology in Vilnius. In 2006 I was an intern at the University of Education in Heidelberg, with the Baden-Wurttenburg Scholarship. In 2015, I got a Ph.D. in Social Science and Education. Since 2012, I have been working at AISV. I got my BA in German language teaching from Vytautas Magnus University in 2019. My hobby is traveling and discovering the world. Vilnius is a perfect place to live - it is a city with big opportunities.

Angelė Jelagaitė,
2-10 kl. vokiečių kalbos mokytoja / IB vokiečių kalbos mokytoja
I have started working at AISV in 2007 as a Learning Assistant in the Toddlers' class. Then I became a Pre-K 3 Learning assistant. I really enjoy working with the smallest students of AISV. I like traveling, swimming, diving, cooking, gardening, and spending time in nature. I was born in Vilnius and have been living here all my life. Vilnius is is a beautiful and perfect city.
Rita Junevičienė,
Pre-K-3 mokymosi asistentė

Education: I earned a Master's degree from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. I also gained a teaching certificate (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham. It is my 9th year of teaching at AISV. I am passionate about music performances, theater, and plays, and I am glad to have the opportunity to direct the musicals at AISV. Born in Klaipėda, I moved to Vilnius in 2004. I am amazed at how rapidly Vilnius is growing and changing. It is a modern city with a remarkable historical heritage. My hobbies are gardening, reading, and playing the piano.

Jūratė Kaikarienė,
6-8 kl. muzikos mokytoja / Performatyviųjų menų koordinatorė

Education: MA, Michigan State University

After graduating from James Madison University with an Information Systems degree, I worked in Washington, DC for United Services. I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from Michigan State and started working in schools. I’ve had the good fortune to work in some great schools around the world and I am enjoying AISV. I cannot say enough good things about Vilnius, a great walking city with something surprising around every corner. I enjoy being in the moment.

Brad Kurtz,
E-mokymosi vadovas
I graduated with BAs in Elementary Education and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 2018 and an MA in International Education from Framingham State University in 2020. I taught Kindergarten in Wisconsin before moving to Guatemala City, where I taught elementary education for three years. Since moving to Vilnius, I have come to appreciate morning runs along the Neris, book breaks in the plaza, and the vegetarian food scene.
Michael Lein,
3 kl. mokytojas
I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a qualification as an educator at Vytautas Magnis University I also started a master’s degree in health psychology. For a while, I worked with children at a Day Social Care Center, during that time I realized that they all are very unique and wonderful. Working at AISV, I am glad to have joined a warm and friendly community. I lived all my life in Vilnius, where we can enjoy very beautiful nature, so when I can, I spend my free time wandering in nature. When I was younger, I enjoyed dancing and singing so when there’s an opportunity, I would be very happy to be able to continue with my hobbies again.
Janina Luinytė,
Pradinės mokyklos psichologė
Robin MacArthur,
Pradinės mokyklos direktorė
I have a BA in Social Work and a Master's in Teaching. I began teaching in primary school in 2015 and have now taught all the grades. My wife, Katie, and I brought our two children on our Lithuania adventure and we are loving it. We have traveled around by car and train and are exploring Vilnius on foot. I am happy to be teaching at AISV because the school allows me to practice teaching students in new and personalized ways. I believe that this leads to the most learning and the most fun. I love Denver Nuggets basketball, rocking out to music with my kids, playing guitar, reading sci-fi (especially), and being in nature whatever the weather.
Andrew McNeely,
5 kl. mokytojas
Born into a family of teachers I was naturally involved with the educational process, teherfore with early interests in biology and human behavior I started studying psychology. While studying in Vilnius University for bachelor's degree of psychology, I took a wide variety of interests, one of them being developmental psychology and educational psychology. After finishing my studies, I started myself working with children. I was invited to join the AISV as an inclusive educator, helping those in need and utilising skills acquired while studying as well as directly working with children.
Ąžuolas Maniušis,
Vidurinės mokyklos psichologas

Education: MA, Vilniaus University of Educational Sciences. I earned BA in Social Pedagogy at Vilnius University of Educational Sciences and then MA in Social Work. I taught for 6 years in private kindergartens. In my career, I gained experience working with children from at-risk families, disabled children and adults. During an internship in Denmark, I worked with children throught creative activities.  At AISV I started working with students as a learning assistant. I am very interested in social-cultural life. I love going to theatre, art exhibitions or cinema. I really enjoy traveling, yoga, meeting anew people. 

Gintarė Matulevičiūtė,
1 kl. mokymosi asistentė
I graduated with a Bachelor in French philology and pedagogy and German philology and pedagogy from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Both during my studies and afterwards, I underwent teaching practice in France and Germany. I also have experience working in public and international school, with children of different ages, from Pre Kindergarten to Grade 2. I was lucky to have a three-month internship in a German international school based in Mallorca (Spain) and work in French school in Vilnius, where I had a chance to improve my educational skills, as well as the language knowledge. Outside of teaching I love sports and traveling in Europe. I am incredibly happy and proud to be part of AISV family!
Judita Miežanskaitė ,
3 kl. mokymosi asistentė

Education: BA Vilnius Pedagogical University, MS - University of Southern California.  I have been teaching English to secondary students and adults in schools and various institutions including ISM University of Management and Economics. I earned my MS in Education from the University of Southern California (Muskie Fellow in 1998-2000). I  taught Lithuanian to US Peace Corps Volunteers and managed the educational program for the US Peace Corps of Lithuania. I have always been interested in international and intercultural matters. This, together with my lifelong passion for working with students, brought me to AISV. My hobbies are reading, hiking, cooking, and traveling.

Jolita Norkūnaitė,
Užklasinės veiklos vadovė / IB DB CAS koordinatorė
I graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Teaching from Vilnius University. I am also studying in the Master's program of Educational Sciences at Vilnius University at the moment. I have been volunteering in a number of non-formal education organizations since I was a teenager which shaped my views toward education and paved the road that I am walking now. Out of school, my passion is Ultimate Frisbee. I play Ultimate for my club "Drop That Smile" in Vilnius, I am a member of the National Lithuanian Ultimate Frisbee Mixed team and I also am a board member of the "Lithuanian Flying Disc Federation".
Gintarė Petrauskaitė,
5 kl. mokymosi asistentė

Education: MA, Lithuanian Music Academy

I started working at AISV in 2001. Prior and along with that (for ten years) I worked at Lithuanian National Radio and TV Children’s Choir, leading a choir of first-graders and working as an assistant to the Director. I earned a BA in Music and an MA from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in choir conducting, with an emphasis on choral pedagogy. I’ve had opportunities to live in some other big cities (NY, London), but Vilnius is my first love I cannot betray it. Big and small at the same time, busy and calm – living here you can find anything you want. What I find so special about my hometown - it is SO green!

Vilma Plukienė,
Pradinės mokyklos muzikos mokytoja

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

"Education is the movement from darkness to light”, - said Allan Bloom. I think a teacher is like a lighthouse in the darkness. Therefore, I am glad I have the opportunity to contribute to sharing this light in international education for about 20 years while teaching in local schools, in The French School of Vilnius, and at AISV. My educational background is from Vilnius Pedagogical University and Vilnius Business College.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” (Saint Augustine).  My favorite hobbies are traveling and reading books.

Ingrida Poškuvienė,
9-12 kl. gimtosios lietuvių kalbos mokytoja

I was born in France but spent most of my life in the US.  I have received my Bachelor's in Management from the University of Houston as well as a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). I worked in the private sector in accounting and marketing until 2009 when I started teaching in Houston IB Economics. In 2012, I started working as a college counselor and earned a certification from UCLA.  I love teaching and knowing that I can help young people become global and responsible citizens and plan their future. I love to travel and visit new places and go on adventures, spending time with my family, watching movies, reading a book, and learning. I am currently studying for a Master in School Counseling through an online program in the US so that takes a lot of my time and I should be done next year hopefully. I love living in Vilnius!  Walking around, I am always astonished by the beautiful architecture of Old Town and its charm. 

Claire Ruz,
Aukštesniojo mokslo konsultantė / IB ekonomikos mokytoja

Education: BAs in English Philology from LCC International University

I specialized in Translation/ Interpretation and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Currently, I am enrolled in the School Pedagogy program at Vilnius University to earn a teacher’s certification. I have volunteer experience teaching English to children and adults in Lithuania and Canada. Through this experience, I realized that I enjoy working with people and would like to focus my career on becoming an educator. In my free time, I like reading, going to film festivals, sightseeing, playing badminton and doing different outdoor activities. I am very excited to be a part of an inspiring community of AISV and support kids in their learning!

Edita Sasaitė,
Pagrindinės mokyklos EAL mokytoja

Education: BA at Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Foreign languages and Region studies department (Russian, English and Spanish languages).

IB DP Language B (Foreign languages) certified teacher of Categories 1 and 2. 

Personal and professional interests include cognitive science, neurolinguistics and bilingualism/multilingualism (aim, process, and effect). I am a firm believer of lifelong learning, I advocate for the growth mindset, and I am also very proud of my gardening achievements - balance is the key!
Tatiana Sinius,
Ispanų kalbos ir IB rusų kalbos mokytoja
I finished my BA in Psychology and an MA in Educational Psychology at Vilnius University in 2012. I got my Teacher's Certificate from the Lithuanian University of Educational Science in 2016, and in 2018, I acquired the European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy). Having started my professional psychology career helping those with addictions, I continued working in the field by participating in the development of the "Savu Keliu" psychoactive substance abuse program and its implementation in Lithuanian schools until 2019, when I started to work at AISV. Overall, I have worked as a counselor with children and teenagers since 2010: as a volunteer counselor with "ChildLine" for 4 years, as a school psychologist in the Vilnius Lyceum for 5 years, and at Queen Morta for 1 year. My passion for video games and LARPing certainly comes in handy when working with children and adolescents. I am also a member of the nature conservation association "The Baltic Wolf".
Uldė Sirtautaitė,
Mokyklos psichologė

Education: MA, Vilnius Pedagogical University

My deep interest in reading books was the reason to study literature. After my BA in the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, I earned a MA in literary studies. Overall, I've worked as a teacher for 17 years. I started my pedagogical career in a public school teaching Lithuanian in grades 5-10 and also worked as a primary English teacher and vice-principal. My attitude is bringing to students more than just knowledge, but also teaching that empowers them to become lifelong learners. I think working at AISV is not accidental because my pedagogical journey is marked by international diversity. I was the manager and coordinator of two international projects with schools in France, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Turkey, and Italy. Books and music are my biggest passions. I also appreciate the time spent watching good films.

Irena Stefanovič,
Pradinių klasių gimtosios lietuvių kalbos mokytoja

Education: Ph.D., Vilnius University 

I have earned my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Vilnius University in 2015, I have worked for six years at the Environmental Agency in Vilnius as an investigator of various samples with gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, then I was four years in Vilnius University as a specialist of the laboratory. In 2018 I have started as the Head of Laboratory at AISV. I like Jigsaw puzzles, Rubik's cubes, advertising, British short-hair cats, and "Alchemistry": Tarot, Vision board, and Dream maps.

Vaida Šmitienė,
Gamtos mokslų laboratorijos vadovė

Education: MEd, Framingham State Coll., BA Vilnius University

I have earned my BA in English at Vilnius University. Later I did my Master's degree in International Education from Framingham State College. I worked as an EAL teacher for some years. The biggest part of my career is spent at AISV. I like history and historic places. I like nature, especially, swimming in clean lakes and rivers. Vilnius is my love. It has everything that inspires me to live and enjoy every day. Peace and harmony are here.

Asta Šukienė,
2-10 kl. lietuvių kalbos ir kultūros mokytoja

Education: MA, Vilnius University

I have been part of AISV community since 2009, when I started working as a Lithuanian language teacher. I got my diploma in Lithuanian Philology from Vilnius University and my teaching certificate from the University of Educational sciences. I enjoy traveling, trekking, and fine dining combination.

Irena Vaivadaitė,
5-8 kl. gimtosios lietuvių kalbos mokytoja

Education: BSc, University of Western Ontario. 

I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, and my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I have taught in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Morocco. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Vilnius is a very beautiful city, I feel very lucky to call it home. I am excited to be a part of the AISV community and to have the opportunity to contribute to the continuous development of the school.

Victoria Yeung,
Vidurinės mokyklos gamtos mokslų, IB ESS ir biologijos mokytoja

Education: MA, Vilnius University, MEd Vilnius University

I hold a BA diploma in English Philology, an MA in English Linguistics, and an MA in Education obtained at Vilnius University. In addition, I have participated in two internships at Eastern Finland University, and Charles University, studying anglophone cultures and literatures. Before coming to the AISV, I worked as a translator and interpreter. Besides volunteering, I am interested in history and literature. 

Natalija Židkova,
9-12 kl. anglų kalbos mokytoja