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AISV offers a curriculum similar to that of the best U.S. public schools. English is the language of instruction. The curriculum is American, modified where possible to provide an international perspective. Since most students attend AISV for only a few years, the curriculum permits a smooth academic transition to and from AISV. The curriculum is enriched by taking full advantage of opportunities that the school’s location in Lithuania has to offer.

Your student will engage in a 21st Century learning journey that includes English language instruction every day in core classes (English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies), special classes twice a week in Physical Education, Music and Visual Arts.  We also offer grade 1 – 5 students World Language classes in French and German and Lithuanian Mother Tongue classes 5 days a week.  

Your student will have a homeroom or primary teacher for core subjects.  These subjects are taught in the homeroom classroom.  Students go to the art studio for art, the gym for PE, and the music room for music.    Technology classes are held one day a week in the computer lab, and then the technology teacher works with the homeroom teacher to determine how best to integrate technology into the core subject curriculum. Your student has access to the school librarian weekly during the home room language arts time. 

The curriculum is enriched with a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities including field trips, opportunities to participate in community service, multi age activities, and other activities that support the student life on campus. There are plans to develop a social emotional curriculum in the future.

 The curricular philosophy is based upon on three elements:

  • Academic Standards
  • A grade level scope and sequence for each subject/curricular content area
  • Preparation for the IB diploma