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Extracurricular Activities

Community Service

An important component of the high school program at AISV is the Community Service program. All students in grades 9 & 10 have  to participate in an the Community Service program. This program has two purposes. It offers students an opportunity to contemplate career choices and it helps to promote civic responsibility. Students are given opportunities to assist those in need. In the last few years students were working at the Children Foster Home “Atsigręžk į vaikus” as English language tutors; others worked as clinic aides at the Baltic American Clinic. Some of the students assisted the Handicraft Center “Mažoji Guboja” and worked at the Department of English Philology at Vilnius University. Other AISV community service sites are the British Council, Veterinary Clinic and Vilnius Orphanage #3.

After-School Activities

AISV offers a variety of after-school activities sponsored by teachers, parents, and outside persons and institutions. Some examples of former and present offerings include soccer, computer club, science club, Suzuki violin class, swimming, volleyball, cookingm robotics, acting club, ballet,  arts & crafts, and others. The students can attend most of the activities offered by  AISV full-time teachers for free.

The latest after-school activties offer and schedule is always available under the Notice Board in the homepage of this website.

Student Council

The AISV has an active Lower and Upper School Student Council. Working with the faculty, the Council is responsible for planning activities that will improve student life and support charities in the Vilnius area. Furthermore, the Council gives students an opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills.

AISV follows a bicameral legislative model for its Student Council. The senior body similar to the Senate or House of Lords, is made up of officers and representatives from grades six through ten. The lower body similar to the House of Representatives or the House of Commons, is made up of officers and representatives from grades 1 through 5. The two groups meet jointly to plan all school events.

The Upper and Lower Schools meet independently to plan events for their respective parts of the school. Some of the events organized by the Student Councils include  Bake Sales, Fall Door Decorating Contest, Movie Nights, Food Drive for Orphanages, Hunger Games, dance evening, etc.

Field Trips

Each year AISV students are involved in a number of field trips in the Vilnius area as well as in other places within Lithuania and abroad.

Students enjoy these trips very much since each trip adds a special touch to the academic curriculum and increases student’s understanding of Lithuanian culture, history, traditions and places of interest.

Morning Assemblies

Lower School morning assemblies (Grades K-4) take place on the first Monday of each month from 9:45 to 10:15am and for -Pre-K 4 from 10:15 to 10:30am in the sale, and Upper School morning assemblies  take place on the first Tuesday of each month at the time and place as determined by upper school staff.

Each lower school class - Pre-K through grade 4 -  sponsors an assembly for once a year. The program for the assembly may include student produced scenes or skits or showing off new skills or lessons.  Monthly assemblies give an opportunity to recognize student achievements, give various awards – Honor Roll and Student of the Month, provide important information about upcoming school events. Parents are invited to the Lower School class sponsored assemblies, which are held on Fridays as well as to the assemblies where student of the month nominations are provided.  Check  the annual AISV Activities Calendar on AISV homepege for exact times and dates of the current year assemblies.

AISV Yearbook

Starting from 1996 AISV annually issues a colorful AISV Yearbook.  Each class provides ideas for a class page  and there is also a Yearbook cover design competition that the students can enter. All school events, assembles, and fun times, as well as glimpses of each grade’s life during the school year are recorded in the Yearbook. If you want to see who we are and what we do here at school – come and have a look at our Yearbook!