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Admission and Placement

Admission is open to all qualified applicants who can benefit from AISV's program. The school does not, however, provide educational services for student with significant physical, mental or emotional needs.

Admission is granted according to available space, with preference given to returning students and siblings of the current students. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to non-English-proficient, limited-English-proficient, and/or special needs applicants. AISV does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or religion.

The American International School of Vilnius will accept students throughout the academic year as long as an appropriate place is available. If a space is not available within a particular grade level, the student will be placed on a waiting list and then be considered for admission on the basis of the date the application was received.

I. Admission Procedures

To be considered for admission, please complete and send to the AISV Admission Officer all the documents listed below:


II. Acceptance

  • The above documents are reviewed by the AISV Director and the admission of the candidate is approved based on the following criteria: academic criteria, behavior criteria, linguistic criteria, and learning disabilities criteria. AISV does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion or natural origin. AISV does not have a special needs program.
  • Grade placement of the applicant is based on age and past records.
  • Entrance age guidelines:
    • Pre-kindergarten a student must be at least 3 years old by November 1st of the academic year.
    • Kindergarten a student must be at least 5 years old by by November 1st of the academic year.
    • Students entering the first grade must be at least 6 years old by November 1st of the academic year.
  •  The Application Fee - € 350 - is payable upon receipt of a new student’s  application form and is non-refundable.  Payment of the Application Fee does not guarantee that a child will be admitted.  
  • If the admission is approved, the Admissions Officer will notify the parents and send them the Enrollment Agreement for signing.

III. Registration

  • Parents must return signed Enrollment Agreements to the school office by the day indicated on the Enrollment Agreement. Invoicing for tuition fees occurs after return of the Enrollment Agreement.

If you have additional questions, please contact the AISV admissions officer Ieva Dovydėnienė for information: tel. (+ 370 5) 2121031; fax. (+ 370 5) 2647202 or e-mail: admissions@aisv.lt

We look forward to receiving your completed application documents. We hope that we shall meet your expectations in providing your child with an excellent educational experience